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Radio + Texting: A Marketer’s Dream

September 26, 2016
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When marketers think of radio, sure, they think of reliability and credibility. But cutting-edge? Not likely. Well, a major evolution is happening on the airwaves right now and marketers couldn’t be more excited. After all, for those who take advantage of a new platform, they could be looking at a game-changing windfall of ROI. 

While 800 numbers in radio are familiar territory to anyone who’s ever marketed on radio, smartphones are adding a whole new dimension to the game. Specifically, a proprietary platform is tying the interactivity of texting to the mass consumption of radio. The results of these drive-to-text efforts are exceeding marketers’ expectations, achieving response rates up to 4 times higher than 800 numbers.

Why Do Consumers Love It?

Consider this: texting is a fundamentally different experience than calling an 800 number. There are no wait times. No audio menus to sift through. No people to talk to. It’s a private, on-demand solution that gives instant gratification. There are no restrictive business hours, so a consumer can text any time, day or night, and receive an immediate response.

Why Do Marketers Love It?

Besides the obvious upside of higher response rates, drive-to-text campaigns give you 24/7 access to consumers without paying for around-the-clock call center support.

But more importantly, these campaigns offer something most of today’s marketers find irresistible: a deeper world of customer engagement than they have ever had through radio. The most advanced drive-to-text platforms open up a gateway to your customers and allow for the kind of functionality that radio has been missing: appointment setting, retail locators, GPS navigation, click-to-call, in-text commerce and more.

This added functionality creates an incredible world of custom-tailored direct-response solutions whether your focus is drive-to-retail, drive-to-app, or drive-to-landing page.  Simply put, more options mean more ways to drive revenue.

Best of all, this radio-text hybrid gives you a wealth of actionable insights. Location proximity, peak response times, phone types and more allow you to understand your target audience like never before.

How To Get Started

To reap the rewards of an advanced drive-to-text campaign, you need a partner to assist you in navigating this emerging technology. As a pioneer in this platform, Marketing Architects has invested more than 11 million dollars in telephony infrastructure that takes SMS texting campaigns to a whole new level. Combined with our exclusive programmatic radio buying platform, and our 19-year history of connecting with radio audiences, we’ve been able to bring our clients to new heights of profitability.

To help make your drive-to-text campaign more profitable, we’ve acquired a veritable war chest of exclusive premium short codes. Each one is handpicked to deliver lightning-fast response and provide unlimited keywords for tracking including branded company, product, benefits and offer terms.

Texting not only gives you a more powerful means to interact with your customers, it also gives you unparalleled analytics on just how many customers are coming to your site and ultimately buying from radio.

If profitable radio or television would help your company, let’s talk.

Angela Voss

By Angela Voss

Chief Client Officer

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