Webinar: TV Advertising's Upside During a Downturn

Ad budgets can be the first thing cut when economic uncertainty hits. However, over half of brands that maintain or grow marketing budgets during a downturn see ROI increase.

Long-term success requires focusing on channels with the highest performance potential, like TV advertising—a channel that breaks through digital clutter, builds awareness, and drives sales.

Join Angela Voss, chief client officer at Marketing Architects, and Pete McGuire, CMO at home improvement company 1-800-HANSONS, for a look at how to meet performance goals with TV advertising, in this webinar produced in partnership with Adweek. Learn more about:

  1. Why brands are rethinking the value of traditional channels
  2. How a downturn creates media opportunities
  3. How 1-800-HANSONS creates accountable and cost-effective TV campaigns