Build brands and
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Is TV dead? What should I expect from a national TV campaign? Isn’t digital easier?

TV Advertising Blueprints is a podcast dedicated to answering all your questions about TV advertising while providing insights, strategies and tactics to make sure your TV investment pays off. Because with the right blueprint, TV advertising can entirely transform your business.

Join us as we speak with marketing experts to lay out winning plans for success on TV.

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episode with Whitney Stratten(VP Client Growth Marketing architects) and Tod Wehmann(Head of Marketing Touch of Modern)

Episode 1

Is TV dead?

TV is very much alive. It offers business-transforming opportunities for performance marketers.

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episode with Angela Voss(Chief Client Officer Marketing Architects) and Chuck Hengel(CEO Marketing Architects)

Episode 2

Is Digital our Destiny?

Digital isn’t perfect. But pairing digital with TV can boost the benefits of both channels.

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episode with Chuck Hengel(CEO Marketing Architects) and Reed Kiely(associate insights director VAB)

Episode 3

Which Decisions Drive Big Results?

Don’t expect small moves to drive game-changing growth. A big move is necessary for real change—a move like TV.

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episode with Catrina McAuliffe(SVP brand strategy Marketing Architects) and Kim Lesinski(AVP Inregrated Marketing Physical Mutual)

Episode 4

What Makes a Strong Strategy?

Learn how the right strategy can optimize your messaging, positioning, and target audience to maximize your campaign’s success. 

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episode with Rob DeMars(Chief creative Officer Marketing Architects)

Episode 5

Does Award-Winning Creative Actually Win?

Understanding the consumer is more important than winning awards—and is better for the bottom line. 

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episode with Catherine Walstad(VP Media  Marketing Architects)

Episode 6

Is Media a Mess?

The media marketplace is a complicated, fragmented mess. That’s why we rely on artificial intelligence and automation to navigate the chaos. 

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episode with Joel Kalinowski(VP conversion  Marketing Architects) and Jo Kinsella(President TVSquared)

Episode 7

Are Advertisers in Control?

Actually, the consumer is in charge. Tailor campaigns to your audience to maximize ROI and get readable results.

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episode with Matt Hultgren(VP Analytics Marketing Architects) and Pete McGuire(Chief Marketing Officer 1-800-HANSONS)

Episode 8

Does Data Tell the Truth?

Data is easily twisted. Learn how to use multiple measurement models to fully understand TV’s impact. 

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