Analytics DNA

When the analytics road splits, take every path.

Actionable insights aren’t found by taking the best analytics approach. They’re found by taking all of them. Why? Because no single model is 100% accurate. Look at the right mix of multiple models however and common trends reveal the undeniable opportunities.

From finite metrics to global effects. At the intersection of micro modeling and macro trends, Analytics DNA helps you understand your campaign’s immediate impact on sales and its farther-reaching ripple effects on your business like unaided brand recall and pricing power.

Partner, partner, partner. The power behind Analytics DNA goes beyond our in-house team of data scientists. To make sure we’re aligned on big business outcomes, we bring you into the conversation every step of the way. Plus, we partner with the leaders in 3rd party validation, entirely at our own expense.


TV Attribution. Multi-model solutions, 1st and 3rd party. Web. Mobile App. Customer-defined KPI’s.

Hosted Analytics. Client data lakes integrated on the DOMO platform. Standard reporting suite. Custom ad hoc analysis.

Marketing Mix Analysis. Multi-channel synergy analysis. Multi-touch attribution. Post-checkout survey analysis.

Business Outcomes. Brand & sales activation. Unified marketing impact analysis. Decision risk management. Cross-functional insights.

Research. Survey design and implementation. Longitudinal brand recall studies. Quantitative consumer studies.