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We are your media partner with more scale than any competitive offering. Crush your competition through our AI-driven, programmatic platform of opportunistic radio and television

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Our all in-house agency brings the art and analysis under one roof for breakthrough campaigns.

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next-gen customer engagement

Conversion tech won’t need to be sourced and bolted on. It’s built, ready to funnel and convert your customers with staggering efficiency.

“We’ve disrupted the entire value chain that generates obscene profits for the traditional agencies.” Chuck Hengel, CEO

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"In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it became clear to us that innovative approaches for driving messages to patients were required. Marketing Architects helped us evolve a strategy for direct-to-patient promotions that has provided a clear path to growth through both direct response sales and by lifting sales through our traditional reseller channels. Ours is not a product normally suited to direct response, but Marketing Architects took on the challenge and delivered."

"Marketing Architects enabled us to grow our campaigns from a single channel into multiple new channels with a minimum of upfront expenditures. We would not have been able to expand into TV and radio campaigns as quickly in a traditional agency relationship. I could not more highly recommend Marketing Architects for high-growth DR brands/products."


"Marketing Architects brings great structure and expertise to the overall process of broadcast production and analytics. Their decision to proactively provide services that increase performance, such as creative development and telecom solutions, sets them apart."


The Marketing Architects Team

  • Angela Voss
  • Ashley Quistorff
  • Beth Clemmons
  • Beth Quarberg
  • Brenda Smith
  • Brent Longval
  • Brian Tomlinson
  • Christi Uban
  • Chuck Hengel
  • Clark Hjelmstead
  • Courtney Hoefener
  • Devan Futterer
  • Emily Bryan
  • Eric Pilhofer
  • Eric Hall
  • Errol Chugg
  • James Zelubowski
  • Jeff Clement
  • Jeff Clark
  • John Priess
  • Jon Kerr
  • Katie Scheetz
  • Kirk Leand
  • Larry Dukek
  • Greg Brannen
  • Mary Wong
  • Matt Hultgren
  • Aaron Lange
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Nikki Erkkila
  • Paul Jackson
  • Rob Demars
  • Ryan Crimmins
  • Ryan Kinkaid
  • Ryan Rosin
  • Shawna Falkner
  • Shawn Steiner
  • Steve Lubin
  • Teri Kasel
  • Theresa Thompson
  • Tricia Varner
  • Catherine Dettloff
  • Sarah Andrea
  • Bri Odegaard
  • Jill Harden
  • Brianna Noeldner
  • Alyson Robson
  • Omar Ismail
  • Maria Zivkovic
  • Whitney Davis
  • Vanessa Hird
  • Aaron Streeter
  • Tim Waaraniemi
  • Stephanie Bruns
  • Alex Dallman
  • Ashley Hagman
  • Terry Truenbach
  • Becca Scribner
  • Kelly Nelson
  • Natalie Kerber
  • Heather Johnson
  • Melissa Foat
  • Rita OKeeffe

"Great direct response advertising builds brands. It just so happens to be derived from live consumer tests connected to sales metrics." Angela Voss, EVP

new clients accepted each year

new clients accepted each year

new clients accepted each year

new clients accepted each year

new clients accepted each year

new clients accepted each year

All of this support, planned seamlessly under one roof by one team
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