Welcome to the TV ad agency that helps companies reach major milestones.

We move performance brands forward and company growth upward.

By disrupting the high costs and low accountability of traditional agencies, our clients have been able to double sales growth, go public, raise hundreds of millions in capital, sell their business, build new growth assumptions, launch new brands, and crush the competition.

Six advantages over traditional TV agencies.

1 We invest millions into your campaign.

To ensure your campaign’s success, we don’t just invest our passion and expertise. We invest our money to cover major costs like creative development & production, conversion tool design and analytics validation. And we do not bill our clients by the hour- all you pay for is the media.

Why are we willing to lose money on every pilot? In a word, commitment. When it’s your skin in the game, you don’t give up until you reach success. The bigger question is, ‘Why don’t our competitors do the same?’

2 We handle it all in-house.

Reaching your milestones isn’t the result of any single effort. It’s the result of all your efforts, united under a single strategy. That’s why we created a suite of platforms designed to work together seamlessly.

Your creative is crafted with its media placements in mind. Conversion tools are tailored to your creative concepts. And analytics is threaded through every facet of your campaign.

3 We boost your brand and your bottom line.

Successful companies are those that have discovered the perfect balance between recognition and revenue. That’s why every campaign is designed to bolster brand affinity while driving immediate sales activation.

With a highly tenured leadership team, we offer proven strategies to drive unprecedented demand and deepen consumer relationships.

4 We weren’t satisfied with any buying platforms, so we built one.

Every TV agency in the industry is shackled to a 3rd party buying system with limited ability to customize. But buying like every other agency doesn’t deliver the game-changing outcomes our clients demand. For us to truly disrupt the archaic way TV is purchased, we needed to build our own solution.

Enter Annika®.

Annika is the name of our AI-driven platform custom-built on top of our exclusive rate class. With more than a decade in existence, Annika is battle-tested to more effectively plan and optimize TV media placement, resulting in unheard of cost efficiencies.

5 We produce world-class TV that works. And we have the data to prove it.

World-class TV production carries a world-class price tag. But the pain doesn’t stop there. Even the best-produced commercial with the wrong message strategy will wreak havoc on your brand and your bottom line.

That’s why we solved all the above.

With Marketing Architects, not only do we invest in all the costs to concept and execute your award-winning TV campaign, we cover all the costs and brainpower of pretesting your ads in our exclusive customer intelligence portal, called Creative ESPsm. While other agencies ask you to trust their gut on creative messaging, we ask you to trust the data.

6 We bring best-in-class conversion tech to the table.

You need TV to do more than drive interested customers. You need interested customers to transform into sales. We provide a powerful tech stack of custom platforms to engage prospects throughout their customer journey. From text-to-chat platforms that revolutionize lead capture to carrier-class call routing solutions, our solutions span all activities from message to monetization.

But the buck won’t stop there.

We work closely with clients to monetize long-term brand effects — the place where the big money exists. From improving pricing power to changing merchandise mix, we ensure you leverage the far-reaching strategic effects of television.

A pretested path to success.

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