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We’re so done with the way
TV’s always been done.

In 1997, Chuck Hengel realized there was a better way to build an agency. So he founded Marketing Architects with a plan to solve media’s largest challenges through technology and a dedicated team of data scientists. Today, we provide the efficiencies and accountability needed to make TV work harder for our clients through All-Inclusive TV.

What it’s like to work with us

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We build to buy better

From media buying to creative to analytics, we developed custom tech solutions to get more from every campaign.

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Revenue is our top performance metric

We combine direct response roots with brand strategy expertise to drive the growth metrics you care about most.

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We invest in your success

You invest in media. We cover everything else needed for success on TV. Because true partners put skin in the game.

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Access an expert team of data nerds

Our brand strategists, creatives, and data scientists all love numbers. And accountable results.

Frequently asked questions

With All-Inclusive TV, you only pay for media. Clients save millions of dollars on strategy, creative production and attribution. The media cost of a pilot typically ranges between $200,000 and several million dollars, depending on the timing of the campaign, the scale needed to drive a measurable spike in business, and other factors. Learn more or connect with our team to discuss what makes sense for your business.

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Brand Positioning Brand Positioning
Strategy Development Strategy Development
Creative Development Creative Development
Creative Pretesting Creative Pretesting
Production Production
Conversion Tech Conversion Tech
TV Attribution TV Attribution
Campaign Reporting Campaign Reporting
Client Partnership Client Partnership

We buy all types of TV media! That includes national and local linear TV and Streaming and Connected TV advertising. Since we’re 100% focused on creating stellar TV campaigns, we don’t buy digital, social, or online video, such as Facebook or display ads. However, we’ll work with you to use the creative we develop across multiple channels.

Most agencies white label their media buying platform. We don’t.

Our media buying AI, Annika, is designed to reach your ideal customers across both linear and streaming TV and has successfully informed clients’ media buys for more than five years.

Annika finds efficient media by ingesting robust datasets, evaluating your custom audience and performance criteria, setting it against market trends and historical data, then calculating which buys will drive the most ROI.

The best part? Annika gets smarter with every buy. In fact, Annika crosses over into the more advanced areas of AI and machine learning since she has such capacity for learning and reasoning.

Our clients span dozens of industries, and include B2B, B2C and DTC business models. Some were founded in the last decade, others have been around for more than a century. But these brands all have something in common—they view marketing as a growth driver for the business. And they have both brand and performance goals for their marketing initiatives. You can find specific examples of how we’ve worked with brands on Our Work page.

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Like any media agency, we make money on media. But we typically don’t make money during a pilot. When a new client launches TV, the upfront investment in services like strategy and creative production outweighs the client’s media spend. We only profit when clients stick around. And they only stick around when their campaigns perform. This means we’re extremely selective about who we work with—we only partner with businesses we fully believe can drive profitable growth on TV.

We want to ensure your TV campaign is set up for success. Because of that, our standard launch process takes 16 weeks. This gives us time to run a brand study, conduct audience research, pretest creative ideas, design your measurement strategy, and shoot a new commercial from the ground up. But sometimes, you need to be on TV now. Which is why we also offer options for customized launch plans that move as quickly as you need.

We’ll work in the way that works best for you! If you already have a relationship with a creative agency, we can partner with them. But we’re always happy to develop a new commercial from the ground-up—at no added cost. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our team of strategists, art directors and copywriters will align on your campaign goals and brand standards.
  2. We’ll pitch a wide range of ideas tailored to resonate with your audience.
  3. Together, we’ll pick the top ideas and pretest their effectiveness in our proprietary and predictive creative pretesting platform.
  4. The winning concept will be fully produced, and we handle everything from casting and directing to shooting the spot.

Our dedicated TV analysts partner with your team to identify top goals for your campaign, set it up for measurability, and optimize as the campaign runs. Then, they'll use multiple attribution models to understand TV's impact on your business across the short-, medium-, and long-term. Attribution models include ACR, micro attribution, MMM, on-site surveys, macro lift analysis, local heavy up tests, brand studies, and more. Plus, you'll experience complete data transparency with custom reporting dashboards.