Does TV Advertising Drive Sales?

There is a common belief that a mass-reach channel like TV advertising only effectively drives brand effects.  

And it’s true TV is unmatched when it comes to building brand awareness. 

However, it’s also a channel that can drive immediate sales.



Consumers engage with TV commercials.

Neilsen data shows that 88% of people watch TV with a device in their hand. Nielsen also reports 71% of people search content while watching TV, and 41% of people message their friends and relatives about the content they watch.  

Consumers are already texting or scrolling online as commercials play, so why not meet them where they’re at? Also known as the “second-screen” effect, this empowers marketers to measure an immediate response to their commercials, if they use the right call-to-action.  


A call-to-action drives response.   

A call-to-action (CTA) is a valuable component of a commercial that asks customers to take action and move down the marketing funnel. Although this sounds simple, many brands on TV don’t use an effective CTA. Some don’t use one at all. 

Without the right call-to-action, consumers won't know the best way to connect with a brand. Creating an effective CTA starts with an offer. An offer could range from a special discount to simply learning more on a website. Choosing the right offer depends on a brand’s specific TV goals and KPIs.  

Once an offer is selected, the next step is to choose a response technology that suits the way a brand’s audience prefers to communicate. This could range from calling a phone number, to texting, to scanning a QR code that leads to a custom landing page. Consumer habits and preferences are constantly changing, so brands must be prepared to invest in new technology to keep up.  


TV is a full-funnel solution.  

Of course, it’s important to remember TV advertising is not only highly effective at driving sales. It builds brand awareness, intent, and future demand for years to come.  

Given the pressure brands are under to drive immediate, measurable revenue growth while planning for the future, TV advertising should be considered in every marketing team’s media mix. 


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