Watch: How to Build ROI-Positive TV Campaigns

TV advertising is one of the most powerful marketing channels for business transformation and growth. But TV's notoriously high costs are a major barrier to driving ROI, whether you're talking about advertising during the Big Game or even on Connected TV.

In this presentation, Angela Voss, CEO at Marketing Architects, and Elton Graham, CMO at gorjana, take the stage at eTail to discuss strategies for TV campaigns that build brand and drive sales, without breaking your budget. Watch to learn:

  1. Why TV's gained a reputation for high costs
  2. How to find your target audience across the TV landscape
  3. Why technology is crucial for efficient media buying
  4. What measuring the micro, macro, and business impacts of TV can tell you about campaign performance
  5. How jewelry brand gorjana uses TV to drive digital and retail growth for its business