Reach, Revenue and ROI: Three Principles for Effective TV Advertising

TV advertising provides opportunities for brand growth beyond what's possible with highly targeted advertising alone, but the channel can be complex and expensive, especially for those needing to definitively prove TV's value for the business. 

So we dug deep into our own clients' results to determine guidelines for success on TV, backed our findings with marketing effectiveness research, and compiled everything in a report. Access the report via the link below to learn how brands have achieved the following results with TV:

  1. An average increase of 85% in aided brand awareness for established brands and 100% for startup/new brands.

  2. Direct traffic increased 34% on average for brands in their first year after launching TV.

  3. Positive impacts of TV have been visible within other channels, including direct mail, web traffic, branded search, paid search, and affiliate marketing.

  4. Even B2B clients have seen highly successful TV campaigns, with an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7.25 and revenue growth of 17.5% during their first year on TV.


Get the report.