Webinar: Everything Wrong with TV Measurement

Only 37% of TV advertisers say they’re very confident in their TV measurement. Half say that difficulty measuring TV has led them to invest more in other channels. 45% say either linear or CTV is the hardest channel to measure in their marketing mix. 

So what’s wrong with TV measurement? Well, just about everything. Every single attribution model is flawed. There is no silver bullet. But that doesn’t mean TV can’t be measured. 

In this webinar, Marketing Architects’ CEO Angela Voss and Director of Analytics Jordan Rossler join Ad Age to discuss strategies for accurately understanding TV performance. Tune in to learn: 

  1. How to avoid the most common TV attribution mistakes. 

  2. How the ‘Micro, Macro, Business’ measurement framework sets you up to think about TV’s full impact on your business. 

  3. How to avoid inconclusive results when testing TV. 

  4. How to use multiple models, from micro-attribution and incrementality to ACR and MMM, to gain insight into TV’s effects. 

  5. The differences between measuring linear TV and Connected TV.