Marketing Architects Improves Streaming TV Targeting

Marketing Architects adds hyperlocal targeting capabilities to enhance streaming TV campaigns for retail clients.


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—August 3, 2022—All-Inclusive TV agency Marketing Architects announced new additions to their streaming TV tech stack this week with the integration of GIS (geographic information system) software.  

Brands invest in streaming TV to access superior targeting and measurement capabilities. But when it comes to geographic (geo) targeting, standard offerings can fall short. 

DMA (designated marketing area), city, and zip code targeting are standard for streaming platforms. They lack specificity for brands that want to target by drive-time to a retail location, distance to a competitor, or other precise geo parameters that go beyond a zip code.  

Marketing Architects solved this problem by partnering with Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, to access their ArcGIS software suite. ArcGIS helps Marketing Architects define market areas and differentiate treatment based on analysis of spatial relationships for retail-driven clients. 

“We are primarily focused on mass-reach as an agency,” says Dan Cleveland, Vice President Strategy at Marketing Architects, “but our priority is always driving revenue. When we layer streaming TV on top of our campaigns to solve specific business challenges, we want clients to access every advantage streaming provides, one being hyper-targeting when it makes sense for brands dependent on driving customers to specific retail locations.” 

Marketing Architects will cover the cost of the GIS software for all clients as part of its All-Inclusive offering. They invest in all campaign costs outside of media, including strategy, production, conversion technology, and attribution modeling. 


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