What Marketers Should Know About the Evolution of TV Advertising

TV advertising has been a powerful channel for decades. But it's now undergoing significant changes, from the rise of streaming TV to new measurement practices. Change the Channel is a quarterly report focusing on the rapidly changing state of TV advertising, aiming to keep marketers informed on the biggest news in the industry. Download the report to gain insights on TV viewership, ad spend trends, creative best practices and more—all to maximize your own results on the channel. This report includes:

  1. Coverage of the media landscape across linear and streaming TV.
  2. The importance of creative pretesting along with best practices.
  3. A review of top commercials from Amazon, Chewy, and The Farmer's Dog plus how they could be optimized for even stronger results.
  4. Innovative ways to use QR codes to improve TV campaign performance and conversion.
  5. A summary of major TV news and thought leadership from publications like WARC, MarketingWeek, MediaPost and Insider Intelligence.


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