Volume 6 No. 2: Can you prioritize reach with streaming?

We all know reach is essential for growth. For connecting with new audiences. Building awareness. Creating future demand. 

And although reach has long been a benefit of TV advertising, does that still hold true of streaming and CTV? 


   Marketing Breakdown   

Can reach still be a priority for CTV campaigns? 

Each week, we break down another marketing trend so you can skip having a breakdown.

CTV has been a recent favorite for marketing tests. The channel gained attention after the pandemic pushed people to stream more content. And it’s been a natural alternative for brands looking to expand their marketing mix beyond digital. 

But CTV doesn’t have the same viewership as linear TV, yet. And as advertisers lean into CTV’s digital-like targeting capabilities, are they sacrificing reach? 

Case in point: the average CTV campaign reaches just 9.23% of CTV households in the US. The good news? There’s lots of room for improvement. Here’s how. 

  1. Use a DSP to access more inventory sources, uniform targeting and control for reach and frequency, plus consistent measurement. 
  2. Clearly define your target audience to reduce wasted impressions and maximize reach to that audience. If used correctly, CTV’s targeting capabilities can actually improve reach among the consumers who matter most. 
  3. Place a lower frequency cap to increase reach by reducing the number of ads an individual will see. 

Key takeaway: There are many ways to optimize CTV campaigns for greater reach. But if you want to share your brand with even broader audiences, a TV strategy that uses both linear and streaming might be the solution. 


   The Growth Lab   

Question: How do you get buy-in on new marketing experiments? 

We ask an experienced group of business leaders, marketers and statisticians about strategies for success.

Answer: "It’s a leader’s job to both protect the core and look to build what’s next. Getting your organization to buy-in on new marketing experiments is an essential part of how you grow your business. Ensure your experiment ladders up to a larger story of why it matters. People aren’t motivated by experiments; they’re motivated by stories.


Angela Voss, Chief Client Officer 

Angela helps marketers identify bold moves to grow their brands with TV. Her interest in TV can be traced to high school when she was featured on an episode of the Howie Mandel Show. 


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Good leadership is key for business success. But what does it mean to be a great leader? Ryan Hawk, host of The Learning Leader Show, answers this question by interviewing some of the most successful leaders today. Guests include CEOs, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and best-selling authors who share about their journeys, successes and failures, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.  

Our favorite insight? Entrepreneur and author Seth Godin explains that marketers must use empathy to help audiences better picture the story they’re telling.  


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