The Performance Marketer's Guide to Streaming TV

Streaming TV is taking off.

Media headlines have closely followed the growing popularity of Streaming TV, including Connected TV, and for good reason. With the pandemic dramatically accelerating cord-cutting, 70% of adults ages 18-34 now subscribe to at least one streaming service. There’s plenty of options, with new players like Peacock, Discovery+, HBO Max and Paramount+ all launching in the last year. And new advances in technology claim to have pushed Streaming TV tracking, measuring and targeting closer to digital-like accountability than ever. 

The trends are clear. Streaming is the future of television. 


But for performance advertisers, streaming may not yet be the present. 

Despite significant and noteworthy growth, Streaming TV is still an emerging marketplace struggling with all the challenges typical to new technology and processes. The terminology alone can be overwhelming for anyone new to the space—which is just about everyone. 

So, how can marketers drive performance while dealing with all this complexity? This all-encompassing guide cuts through the press buzz and industry jargon to highlight both opportunities and challenges facing Streaming TV advertisers.

Our hope is that you discover actionable insights for your brand within this guide, whether that means diving headfirst into Streaming TV or testing alternatives while the marketplace matures. 


Read the guide here.

Performance Marketers Guide to Streaming TV