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Why Nobody Cares About Your Product (and How to Fix That)

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Why does nobody care about your product? To answer that, let's start at the beginning...

We come out of the womb fresh and innocent, in constant need of other's care. We grow to 4 feet tall, and find ourselves standing toe-to-toe with our sibling in the sandbox arguing over whose turn it is to be Luke Skywalker. We spend most of high school in front of the mirror counting the constellation of pimples on our forehead.

In college, we choose a career that will make us feel important and make us wealthy, so people will like us for our bank accounts and not our fading looks. And then we get married, have kids, and pass our beliefs on to them so they can carry this torch to future generations.

We humans are simple creatures. At the end of the day, the majority of what our little pea brains really care about are three things:

Me. Myself. And I.

As marketers, all too often we allow this truism to escape us. Especially in our advertising messages. 10 times out of 10, your message will fail when it forgets that people first only care about themselves, not your product.

Nobody cares that it took a team of leprechauns twelve years to invent your flying machine. Or that your flying machine has seats made from the leather of pink unicorns. What they care about is whether or not your flying machine will make them feel young again, make their spouse notice them again, and will make their children look up to them again.

Tell the customer why their world will be rocked by your product, OR get out of the way. There are 10 million other ads standing in line ready to do just that.

You can start by following these five simple tips to give your customers exactly what they want:

  1. Understand your core audience. Well, no surprise here! But you gotta go all in on this one. Understanding your audience not only means knowing the basic demographics—where they’re from, gender, HHI—but it also the more granular stuff. Like what type of media do they respond to the best? What time of day are you capturing their attention with your ads? What exactly can you offer them that they can’t find somewhere else?

  2. Test and tweak. As you test to find the best media channels to reach your core audience and you start to gather feedback, learn about what your audience truly wants in a product like yours. Is there a need that isn’t being met with your product? Could a change in color or size increase overall purchases?

  3. Show customers how your product is the answer to their problems. Simply put: your product SHOULD be the answer to your customers’ problems. You need to prove the outcome of your product by telling your audience exactly what’s in it for them – how it’s going to solve their problems and benefit their lives.

  4. Make your product user-friendly. No one wants to use a product they don’t understand. It’s your job to make sure your customers not only need your product, but know how to use it when they buy it. That might mean you should include a step-by-step user guide, video tutorials, multiple channels of support (printed support guides, online FAQs, help hotlines), etc. And whatever you do, DEMONSTRATE the user-friendliness of your product.

  5. Be an ally. One of the most challenging parts about marketing a product is gaining the trust of your core audience. That’s why you need to work to become their ally. And to do that you need to understand the enemy. If your product is a cane, the enemy is immobility. Let them know you’re on their side—your product will help them ward off the enemy.

Are you ready to unveil the Next Big Thing to the masses? Marketing Architects can help you figure out how to make your target audience love your product. In fact, we created our Creative ESP platform to make this process even easier for our clients. Contact us and we’ll talk more about your marketing goals.

Rob DeMars

By Rob DeMars

Chief Creative Officer

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