Everyone's Watching TV. Time to Fix the Advertising.

Three moves to keep TV working in a new era. TV viewership is skyrocketing with everyone at home. More eyes are glued to cable news and TVs are staying on, all day, even on weekdays. Consume...
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Webinar: 5 ways to cut insights costs with artificial intelligence

Brian Cruikshank, our SVP of Business Development, recently joined Frank Buckler, the Founder & CEO of Success Drivers, on his webinar to discuss using AI to cut insights costs. This includes: 

  1. Techniques to capture unstructured responses effectively and reduce the length of customer experience and brand tracking surveys. 
  2. AI-driven approaches to leverage unstructured data to drive superior business outcomes. 
  3. Methods to drive growth through online ratings and comments already available on your brand or customer experience. 

For more, watch the full webinar below. 


Brian Cruikshank
Brian Cruikshank
SVP Business Development

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