Volume 9 No. 2: Does TV drive digital performance?

Planning your brand’s marketing mix is like baking bread... you just need the right combination of ingredients to achieve success.  

Many marketing mixes incorporate channels like paid search, email, and social. 

But brands sometimes forget the necessary amplifier to make your marketing rise: TV advertising. 


   Marketing Breakdown   

The Halo Effect: Marketing channels that work together       

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Advertisers are learning to adapt their marketing strategies and rely on more than one channel to build out their brand. But what can sometimes be forgotten is how these channels affect each other.  

The best marketers know how to design their channel mix to engage customers all the way from first interaction with a brand to actual purchase. This works best when multiple channels work together. There are many examples of marketing channels that pair well, like social and OOH. But pairing TV with digital results in one of the clearest halo effects

When consumers see your product on TV, the power of TV drives brand awareness, but it also improves the performance and ROI of digital channels. Digital then supports TV’s performance by moving consumers through the funnel. 

  1. Increase web traffic. TV drives performance for brands across industry categories. VAB reports that after analyzing 200 brands, some brands experienced up to a 138% increase in web traffic after advertising on TV. 

  2. TV & digital together improve brand attitude. Effectv explains there was a 12% lift in brand attitude when digital ads preceded TV ads. Also, viewers will spend 3x more time with ads that are on both TV and digital. 

  3. TV and digital together amplify reach. Use multiple marketing channels to reach both online and offline customers.  

Key Takeaway: Some marketers think digital channels are the only route to driving performance. TV advertising is not only just as capable but enhances your other marketing channels.  


   The Growth Lab   

Question: How do you motivate a team towards reaching a common goal?

We ask an experienced group of business leaders, marketers and statisticians about strategies for success.

Answer: "First, communicate the goal and ensure every member understands the “why” behind it. It’s important for the team to be invested and have ownership in meeting the goal. Next, understand that every team member is motivated differently and develop a plan to drive intrinsic motivations based on their definition of achievement.


Dhiren Khemlani, VP Client Growth 

Dhiren thrives on the balance between art and science that’s inherent to marketing. In his free time, he can be found photographing his favorite NYC locations. 


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Listen: That Will Never Work   

Here we celebrate books, podcasts, videos, and influencers that are actively pushing marketing into the future.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for strategies to start a new business or a business owner looking for new ways to improve your company, you need to listen to this podcast. Advisor and Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph invites entrepreneurs on his podcast, That Will Never Work, to discuss their strategies, challenges and share marketing advice on how to create a sustainable company. 

Our favorite insight? B2B companies who position themselves as thought leaders in their industry can stand out from competitors. Show up as a thought leader to your audience by finding company decision makers and creating content where they already consume resources, like conferences and publications. 


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