Volume 8 No. 2: Why is performance so important?

In a crowded market, standing out can be a challenge. 

Which makes differentiating and building your brand important. 

But for many businesses, driving immediate sales is marketing's top priority. 

What if you could do both? 

   Marketing Breakdown   

What does a performance TV commercial look like?    

Each week, we break down another marketing trend so you can skip having a breakdown.

Historically, TV has been viewed as a brand-building channel, which focuses on mass reach and awareness. Brand-building campaigns measure the long-term effects of a commercial such as brand recall or brand awareness. 

Performance campaigns, on the other hand, measure success based on immediate sales or ask the consumer to directly respond to the commercial. 

Creating these campaigns for TV should include: 

  1. Setting up a call-to-action to impact your response rates. 
  2. Creating a clear voiceover to spread the word to anyone listening to but not watching your commercial. Like anyone who may have wandered into the kitchen for a quick snack. Or someone looking at their phone. 
  3. Pretesting to receive consumer feedback before launching your campaign.  
  4. Still building brand. A performance campaign can and should be creative and memorable. 

Key Takeaway: Marketers tend to think you can’t prioritize both brand-building and performance at the same time. However, we believe you don’t have to choose...  especially with TV. TV is a full-funnel channel, and the best campaigns recognize that. 


   The Growth Lab   

Question: What do you do when something doesn't work? 

We ask an experienced group of business leaders, marketers and statisticians about strategies for success.

Answer: "Start by dissecting what exactly isn’t working. Is nothing working, or are just certain parts of what you're doing not working? That gives a clearer picture of what you're solving for. Then, strategize on new ways to approach the objective and try again.


Joel Kalinowski, VP Conversion 

Joel spends his time making sure no leads are wasted in clients’ campaigns. Outside of work, you can find him practicing the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis.   


   Channel Changers   

Listen: Uncensored CMO       

Here we celebrate books, podcasts, videos, and influencers that are actively pushing marketing into the future.

Marketers looking for real, relatable information about the latest marketing theories learn from the Uncensored CMO podcast. Host Jon Evans facilitates great conversations with some of the best marketers to answer questions uncovering both the good and bad truths of marketing and advertising. Using real experiences not only reinforces the principles discussed, but listeners can also find inspiration for their own brand strategies.  

Our favorite insight? Peter Weinberg and Jon Lombardo, from the B2B Institute, introduce listeners to the 95:5 rule, which explains that most people (95%) are not in the market to buy your product. The best way to approach that 95% is to make them remember you. As they said, “not clickable, but memorable.”


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