Volume 1 No. 3: Streaming as the ultimate TV solution

TV is changing. That’s hardly a revelation. But what remains shocking is just how rapid that change is. It’s tough to keep up, to know what’s media hype and what’s an exciting new opportunity.

The solution is to find the balance between preparing for where TV is going and being realistic about where it currently is. Yes, that's more easily said than done. But stay close to your data. Test and learn. Verify your sources.

You’ve got this.


   Marketing Myths   

Streaming is a simple potential solution for first-time TV advertisers.

Each week, we break down a common misconception around TV advertising.

There are many reasons to add streaming to your TV plans. Incremental reach connecting you with cord-cutters. Discovering how to make streaming work for your brand in the future. After all, streaming is undeniably the future of TV.

And yet, we’ve seen performance brands test the TV waters with streaming and become frustrated it didn’t meet expectations. That's because they’d heard streaming is inherently cheaper and easier than traditional TV.

Well... it’s more complicated than that.

Depending on the platform(s) you choose, streaming may require fewer upfront costs. But you pay a premium for that inventory—we’ve seen streaming CPMs 10x greater than a typical linear buy.

The justification for higher pricing is greater targeting capabilities. But the benefits of extreme targeting don’t automatically outweigh the costs.

Performance brands sometimes treat streaming campaigns as an extension of their digital marketing. But the strategies for each should differ—streaming is still TV advertising.

Why is this? If you launch a streaming campaign without giving it the same (or more) consideration than a linear campaign, you risk not meeting your objectives. Streaming’s not as simple as some headlines imply, and to do TV right, it shouldn’t be. Take your time and fully evaluate all your options.


  Advertising Answers  

Question: Does TV advertising still matter?

We take the web’s most searched questions about TV advertising to a range of marketing experts who can’t help but love TV.

Answer: “Today, there's an overwhelmingly large number of people talking about digital and just a few people talking about television. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a brand that's become famous and enduring without the use of national TV. There's maybe just a handful that come to mind that have done that through digital. So yes, if you want to be around for a long time and build a profitable, long-standing business, yes, TV advertising still matters.”

Chuck Hengel, Founder and CEO

Chuck’s known for combining an entrepreneurial vision with a dedication to data. And for his love of bass fishing.


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