Volume 1 No. 2: Traditional vs Digital Marketing

There’s a long history of marketers using TV advertising as a brand-building channel. And yes, TV rocks brand-building. But it also does so much more. In an era where results dictate annual marketing plans, it’s important to recognize TV can still compete on those terms—and even win.

Let’s jump in.


   Marketing Myths   

TV is irrelevant essential in a digital world.

Each week, we break down a common misconception around TV advertising.

Digital and TV advertising are often placed in different marketing buckets. But both are extremely valuable. So the idea there’s no place for TV in our digital world... Where did that come from?

Or, we sometimes hear, “Of course TV’s still valuable. It just doesn’t make sense for our digital-first business.”

Sure, digital is great for the bottom-of-the-funnel. And bottom-of-funnel thinking is great for growth. But only to a point. Because what happens when you begin to max out your bottom-of-the-funnel channels?  

Here’s a few more reasons a diversified marketing mix is *chef's kiss* perfection.

Google’s ongoing price hikes make online advertising more expensive, competitive, and less effective.

Privacy restrictions make effective targeting online challenging.

As great marketers know, channels across your marketing mix should work together. Digital and TV have an especially impressive track record, doubling brand recall and lifting purchase intent by 15% compared to digital alone.

Why is this? TV deserves just as much consideration in your marketing as digital. Both drive meaningful results, and together they set your business up for lasting success.


  Advertising Answers  

Question: Why is TV advertising effective?

We take the web’s most searched questions about TV advertising to a range of marketing experts who can’t help but love TV.

Answer: “As TV advertisers, you have an audience who is safe and comfortable in their home. Brands get to serve up new ideas, services, and products while we're sitting back leisurely consuming content. You get to bring your message and mission to life by hitting on all senses, giving the audience goosebumps, a smile, a spark of curiosity to get to know the brand better or even become a raging fan. You can hit millions of eyeballs with one airing. Plus, as marketers, we love to measure and prove that our message and mission is building a movement. Now we get to see that in a spike of web traffic, attracting higher quality talent, unexpected partners, and the golden egg of becoming a household name.”

Whitney Stratten, VP Client Growth

Whitney doesn’t settle for anything less than the best results for clients. Her spare time is spent either sailing or playing roller derby.


  Channel Changers  

Listen: Lochhead on Marketing

Here we celebrate books, podcasts, videos, and influencers that are actively pushing marketing into the future.

Lochhead on Marketing is the perfect podcast for marketing contrarians. Always willing to challenge the status quo, Christopher Lochhead does away with marketing “the way it’s always been done” to focus on marketing strategies with real impacts.

Our favorite insight? Most marketing plans are based entirely on what’s been done in previous years—which means they miss opportunities for innovation.


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