Volume 1 No. 1: Rethinking Traditional Channels

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   Marketing Myths   

Linear TV is dead alive.

Each week, we break down a common misconception around TV advertising.

Rumors of TV’s death have circulated for years.

First it was the popularity of digital and social channels that had marketers reallocating their budgets to these new performance channels.

Then news of declining or fragmented audiences due to the growth of streaming platforms began making headlines.

If we stop here, it doesn’t look good for traditional TV.

But let’s look at where advertisers today actually spend their money.

162 companies ranging from startups to legacy brands made their TV debut in the first 6 months of 2021 alone.

eMarketer forecasts 2022 CTV ad spend at $19.1 billion. That’s a lot, but still falls dramatically short when compared to linear’s $66.8 billion.

Brands still spend millions to invest in TV advertising during events like the Super bowl or Oscars.

Why is this? TV isn’t dead. Linear remains the number one option for reach and visibility. TV is, however, changing—exactly as it always has. (There was a time when cable networks were considered niche and untested). As marketers, we achieve the best results when we’re willing to change along with the channel.


  Advertising Answers  

Question: What makes a good TV commercial?

We take the web’s most searched questions about TV advertising to a range of marketing experts who can’t help but love TV.


Answer: “TV is well-known for its ability to drive brand in the long-term. But it's undervalued for its ability to drive immediate performance. It takes a killer consumer insight that connects the consumer's problem with the brand's solution. It's got to have a compelling call-to-action. Is it clear what you're asking the consumer to do? How are you identifying the brand elements that are going to be the stickiest, not just with visuals but also with sound? Is the value proposition the true hero in the storyline? At the end of the day, if a TV spot only builds a brand or only drives sales, it hasn't really done its job. It needs to do both.”

Rob DeMars, Chief Creative Officer

Rob leads a team of creatives developing commercials to drive both brand and sales. But in his spare time, he practices card tricks for his family’s entertainment.


  Channel Changers  

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This is the first book we recommend to marketing students and CEOs alike. From marketing experts Al Ries and Jack Trout, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is an industry classic that packs an impressive number of insights into just 143 pages.

Our favorite insight? Law #2: The Law of Category—If you aren’t first in your category, create a new one.


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