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The WWW is Nothing New to Direct Response

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Have you ever wondered why you search for a product on the web? Or what finally compels you to click on that checkout button of the online shopping cart??? Most likely it has to do with control. And now consumers have more control than ever. They are empowered by both the choices they make and how they decide to interact with the companies they support. But let’s face it… that has always been at the heart and soul of direct response—creating a direct relationship and transaction with the consumer.

For years, Marketing Architects has been known as a leader in direct response radio and TV advertising. Yet, we have not been resting on those laurels. We know growing segments of consumers demand more connectivity and control and weve been expanding our solution offerings with creative, development and analytics teams and technologies skilled at taking our knowledge of human behavior from the airwaves to the web.

The foundations for successful direct response solutions on the web are fundamentally the same as those on air. There are four critical success factors that must be accounted for to ensure you are putting your customers in control:

1. You must be found and heard. You can dramatically increase the find-ability of your web site, through direct traffic (see No. 2 below), and both organic (SEO) and paid searches (SEM).

2. You must compel people to engage. The strength of the creative appeal and the influence the copy has on your targeted audience segments will be the primary reason respondents convert into bonafide leads.

3. You must be able to convert. An effective call to action will not only generate responses, but it will also serve to set the stage for the attractive, compelling offer that leads to customers.

4. You must make the economics work. An optimized direct response campaign requires a fully integrated testing and analytics platform that enables you to evaluate every offer scenario for maximum profitability.

These are the four success factors Marketing Architects brings to bear on its customers web sites. Our results speak for themselves: huge gains in page views, sales conversion and subsequent profitability for our clients. And we have built this on the existing foundation of knowledge of what drives performance on TV, radio and telephone conversion solutions. The integration of all these direct response solutions sets Marketing Architects apart as an integrated solution provider, all powered of course by the most modern of technology solutions.

Chuck Hengel

By Chuck Hengel

Founder & CEO

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