The omnichannel marketing series: overview

Before you make another major business decision for 2016, there’s something you should know.

There’s never been a better time to be a direct marketer. The audience waiting for you is bigger than it’s ever been. As long as you can deliver a message that cuts through the clutter to present an irresistible offer, you can turn countless perfect strangers into paying customers faster than you ever thought possible.

I know what you’re thinking.


What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The rise of digital has cut out middlemen everywhere and allowed businesses of all sizes to flash-forge relationships directly with their customers. There is one thing…


The catch, right?

Not a catch, just a shift. The reason the DR audience is bigger than ever is because consumers are constantly connected. As long as you can meet them where they choose to connect and allow them to buy from you however they choose, there’s a platinum mine waiting for you.

Enter omni-channel marketing: the seamless integration of all channels and devices to deliver the ideal customer experience. To your customer it appears simple and obvious. Common sense in action. A customer should be able to get the same compelling experience no matter what device they use or path they take to find you.

Creating that simple, seamless experience requires an omni-channel strategy, and implementing one isn’t always easy. It trips up companies of all sizes and may seem daunting for an entrepreneur needing to make sales to keep the lights on. In our recent series, we took an in depth look at the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid.


Part I

In part I, we explored specific tactics that help you establish an overarching omni-channel message. Having one will unify your marketing so your prospects recognize you as they bounce between channels. It’ll keep them on the right track no matter what path they take to find you.

A winning message taps into a universal, human truth. If it works in one channel, it will work in others as long as you adapt it properly. When you kick off a new channel, stick with a winner to establish a baseline.


Part II

In part II, we revealed a pitfall that can emerge when you start testing aggressively. It’s called channel splintering and it can undermine each channel’s ability to support the others.

We outlined a scientific approach to testing that isolates variables to give you a clean read and conclusive results. By controlling your testing budget, focusing on relative performance and isolating variables under a clear objective, you can cover your bases while still swinging for the fences with your testing.


Part III

In part III, we wrapped up the series by examining cutting edge examples of omni-channel marketing in action. We revealed that the cornerstone of an omni-channel strategy is to look at the big picture when you evaluate performance. Rather than trying to assign each channel precise credit, think of them as a cooperative effort. With an omni-channel strategy in place, you’ll discover that they do in fact bolster one another.

A high-level cooperative approach to reviewing performance raises concerns for advertisers and for good reason. The fear is that they won’t be able to hold any given channel accountable without precise attribution. The key to channel accountability is to treat each channel’s budget as a testable variable. Isolating the budget shift in a single channel at a time regularly will reveal how much you can spend profitably in each channel.

We concluded the article by leaving you with one last tip. Avoiding single transactions is crucial for both your customers and your business partners.

For your customers, online account management has turned continuity into a benefit rather than a burden. The more opportunities you can give them to buy from you again and again, the better.

For your partners, know that there are a lot of moving parts in preserving an omni-channel strategy. Don’t let them nickel and dime you every time you want to make a change. You shouldn’t be punished for discovering a breakthrough.


This review only scratches the surface. If you’re ready to take a deep dive and kick start your omni-channel strategic thinking, the entire series is right here for you to review.

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If you want a clearer picture for what your profitability picture would look like with an omni-channel strategy in place, we should talk. Let us show you the Marketing Architects TV with the online optimization needed to get all your online channels working together.