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The Top 3 DR Categories Set to Skyrocket in 2016: A Series in Review

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There’s a rising trend that could make or break your business in 2016. It’s giving new advertisers unprecedented opportunity and forcing traditional advertisers to abandon old, broken strategies.

The relentless rise of digital is paving a wide highway that connects advertisers directly with their customers. Middle men and marketers trying to sell in a vacuum are being dragged under the wake of the online revolution.

Landing on the right side of the marketer’s new world order may be easier than you think. In a recent series, we took a comprehensive look at three new categories that are best positioned to grow dramatically next year. If your business is in one of these categories, the series serves as a compelling roadmap for how to make 2016 your biggest year ever through direct response advertising. Even if you’re not in one of these categories, each article reveals relevant DR principles that can be applied to any business.

No. 3: Online Education

Online Education was the first category because the problems associated with the traditional college experience have reached their tipping point. Tuition is rising. Student debt is crippling. The traditional diploma doesn’t guarantee job placement. As a solution, the idea of taking classes online is a natural fit for a generation raised on the internet.

The first key DR principle at play in this category is problem/solution. In your messaging strategy, identify the acute pain point that your prospects are facing and present your product as a compelling solution.

The other key principle revealed was recognizing all of the different audience segments you can talk to. Through online education, you have students weighing college options, parents struggling to pay tuition, grandparents helping with tuition, and people who never graduated and regret not getting their degree.

No. 2: Senior Medical Devices

Senior Medical Devices have the potential to skyrocket because dreary taboos around aging are falling away. A more vocal senior audience has inspired breakthrough designs and eye catching devices that are being sold direct to consumers for the very first time.

There’s a timeless DR principle boosting this category as well: Never sell prevention. The only way you can motivate someone to stop what they’re doing and take action is if you speak to an immediate pain point.

Approximately 10,000 people turn 65 years old in the U.S. every day. The senior population is projected to double by 2050. For a rapidly growing population, problems that used to fall under “prevention” are now very relevant and demand immediate attention. The secondary audience of caregivers, that want what’s best for their parents and grandparents, have made scalable campaigns extremely viable.

No. 1: E-commerce Services

All three of these categories draw power from the internet in some way. E-commerce services actually use the internet as part of the value proposition to turn their services into turnkey solutions.

Presenting your product or service as a simple, turnkey solution is a crucial principle of DR. People are busy and aren’t quick to pay for more work. On the other hand, they are quick to snatch up anything that’ll make life easier.

The final DR principle we covered was the importance of speaking to the right side of the brain, the emotional side, rather than the logical left. Focus on emotional benefits in your early communication rather than numbers, statistics, prices or discounts that require evaluation.

We also explored a few factors helping e-commerce that aren’t strictly related to DR. The internet has also allowed businesses to scale expert, personalized service without retail overhead or the limits of a storefront. E-commerce services deliver a win-win for consumers and businesses. Consumers get convenience with affordable expert service and businesses enjoy incredibly high lifetime values through recurring billing or regular purchases.

This review only scratches the surface. If you’re ready to take a comprehensive look into the proven DR principles that can make your business skyrocket, the entire series is right here for you to review.

If you’re in any of these three categories, or you’d like to see how we could put these principles to work for you, we should talk. Let us show you the Marketing Architects approach to radio, audio, video and digital with the online optimization needed to get them working together.

Angela Voss

By Angela Voss

Chief Client Officer

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