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The Somnetics Story: How Direct Response amped up Marketing CPAPs

Posted by Eric Pilhofer

The durable medical equipment (DME) industry is known for incredible, life-changing products but there’s a pretty big chance you wouldn’t know it. Why? Creative marketing hasn’t been the highest priority for a majority of manufacturers in this field. somnetics

Fortunately, one company decided it was time to find a way to tell the world just how radically lives could change for the better with one small device. And this is where the Somnetics story begins.

Somnetics, the makers of Transcend—a portable CPAP device for active lifestyles—realized they needed to find new, innovative ways to reach their target audiences in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. So they decided to partner with direct response agency Marketing Architects.

Working together, our DR experts and Somnetics developed a strategy to sell directly to patients. This was a monumental—and what some might call a risky—move for Somnetics, considering the company had only ever manufactured CPAP therapy products and other medical equipment and sold them through DME retailers.

Somnetics knew their D2C sales strategy would be met with some reservations, considering that on the surface it seemed as though they’d be directly competing against their own suppliers. That’s definitely not what happened. Somnetics’ decision to sell directly to consumers resulted in a 30 percent increase in their traditional reseller channels. This happened even after they downsized their DME sales team.

Why Direct Response Worked for Transcend

Transcend wouldn’t be where it is today if Somnetics hadn’t taken the leap into the world of direct response with Marketing Architects. And it wasn’t just business as usual with this product. Typically, DR products start with D2C sales and move into retailers. Somnetics did the exact opposite.

Our team began developing creative concepts that showcased how Transcend was truly revolutionizing the CPAP industry. Through iterative testing, we found powerful radio messaging about the device’s size and ultimate portability that truly spoke to the small, yet targeted CPAP consumer pool. And it generated an amazingly high response.

Transcend went from being an extraordinary CPAP product lost on a store shelf among a sea of other devices to the No. 1 selling CPAP device on the world’s largest CPAP retail website.

The Transcend radio ad campaign went so well that Marketing Architects was awarded the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Moxie Award for the Best DR Radio Campaign of the Year in October 2015, beating out DR giants like Proactiv Acne Solution.

Ultimately, Transcend’s DR campaign helped significantly increase Somnetics’ bottom line—68 percent of total revenue came from D2C sales in the last three months!

Somnetics’ story is unique, but not impossible—especially when you hop outside the box. Want to know where a well-executed DR marketing campaign could take your company? Call us today and we’ll help you find out.

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