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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Direct Response Radio Advertising

November 1, 2016
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Ogilvy was onto something. And so was Elvis Presley, who back in 1968, famously sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action, please…” What does radio success sound like? Finger taps on a glass screen. Keyboard strokes. The clanging of glasses.

It sounds like action, tried and tested. And you don’t have to say please.

Direct Response Radio, when served to the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time, does what most advertising can’t: drive on-the-spot action in measurable ways.

Branding as a marketing strategy is often a practice in futility. Why raise awareness without raising profits? Do you want to focus on your company or your consumer? If your answer is the latter, Direct Response Radio may be your secret weapon—a sales-driven calling card for the masses. So give them your digits. And URLs. Now that’s a practice in utility.

In this post, we will go through the biggest benefits of Direct Response Radio. And discuss our unique ability to scale for success and provide an accountable alternative to shot-in-the dark digital tactics.

So why does direct response radio advertising work? What’s wrong with the traditional approach to radio?

1 – Break Through the Digital Clutter

Many people are yet to discover what radio can really do. Radio still reaches more people than any other medium. Unlike its digital counterpart, it doesn’t compete with itself. But radio, in its traditional format, often falls on deaf ears. You might as well throw your dollars—and messages—into a carnival cash box and hope they end up in the right hands. Direct Response Radio sounds a little more like success for companies trying to dial in and maximize their advertising dollars.

One message. One source. One powerful CTA.

The modern, multi-tasking mind is selective in both its attention and its consumption. And the digital space is overly fragmented and largely oversaturated. Terrestrial radio so often reaches people in their cars, when minds are focused and ripe for retrieval. As long as they aren’t texting while driving, the audience will absorb your message. With a great product or service, ear-opening benefits messaging, and a clear call-to-action, you can’t go wrong. And don’t worry; creative no longer needs to be a burden (we offer that for free).

Direct response not only breaks through clutter; it complements digital like nothing else can.

But why direct response radio, particularly?

2  Reach a National Audience for Less

Main street radio marketing often prioritizes hype over action. Beyond that, it places scale above precision. If you project a big-talk message to a titanic audience, big things will happen, right? Direct response is agile. What if you could have the precision of local radio advertising and the power to reach a national audience? And the ability to test and optimize?

Not to worry. We have your cake. And yes, you can eat it too.


In the direct response world, advertising is produced for one reason: to persuade someone to take a specific action that leads to a sale. Because it’s measurable, it can deliver on the goal. Because it’s scalable, it can send sales sailing skyward by only airing successful iterations to audiences with open ears.

With Marketing Architects, you can gain national exposure at subprime rates. We have built close relationships with radio stations so advertisers can gain access to prime placement at coveted and exclusively low rates. We manage their inventory and fill the air with powerful, actionable ads. In return, they allow us to pass subremnant rates to our clients.

How does that sound?

3 – Invest in Accountable Advertising

Marketing should be accountable for its actions. You wouldn’t let your children wander around in the dark. Why should your agency be allowed to do the marketing equivalent? It’s time to hold your advertising accountable. Considering the price of media today, tests must be swift and messages must be powerful. How much awareness do you want to drive without making a single sale?

Enter: Direct Response Radio. It’s both affordable and accountable.

Direct response keeps agencies fully accountable for their efforts. No hiding behind pretty images. No cowering from difficult conversations. We can instantly track results by market, station, and location. In brand advertising, excuses are dished by the plenty. That leaves us on the hook to deliver (and we like it that way).

Radio is cheaper than TV. That is no secret. Furthermore, Direct Response Radio is far more affordable than the typical branding spots. You win big when you scale big, yet you only pay local dollars for national reach.

Accountable Advertising.png

Brand radio advertising also banks on intangibles. It aims to make an impression rather than drive an action. And as a result, it focuses on image over value. Its success is often based on assumption. It can often lead the listener to think, “what do you want from me?” and the advertiser to question, “what did we blow our budget on?” DR radio delivers value messaging and uncovers new opportunities to directly offer services and products.

4 – Test, Measure, and Track

Direct response radio offers unrivaled measurability and trackability. Not only does Direct Response Radio track results, but the results are instant. The integration of dedicated 1-800 numbers and unique URLs allow you to track, manage and optimize your approach.

With direct response radio advertising, you can measure, manage and optimize ROI. Proximity is power and being direct with your audience creates a connection. Giving them directions spurs them to take action.

Our team enables companies to test different versions of advertisements in different markets. We base placement on many factors, using both real-time and historical data, as well as advanced testing methods proven to deliver the lowest cost-per-sale on the market.

David Ogilvy wasn’t afraid to test his way to excellence. Fortunately, we know the markets, the stations, and the audiences.

5 – Scale for Success

Do you want to reach a national audience? More importantly, do you want to reach the right markets with the rights messages on a national scale? If so, direct response should be part of your marketing mix. Direct Response Radio enables you to start small and scale BIG. In other words, you can test different messaging and executions. Rinse, repeat, and rejoice.

Want to learn more? We’d be happy to have a little conversation about a lot of action.

Katie Scheetz

By Katie Scheetz

Chief Business Development Officer

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