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Product Developers: Did You Start With “Why”?

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 Part 2 of the Stuffies Story: Filling a Pocket in the Plush Toy Market

“It’s what’s inside that counts.” This is not only the tagline for the unique line of plush toys that Marketing Architects developed, it’s the reason why the product exists. But let’s begin a few steps back.

Our team, along with a handful of toy experts, got together and came up with a one-of-a-kind plush toy design featuring secret pockets and a perpetually grinning zipper mouth. But it wasn’t merely the fuzzy fur and embroidered eyes that made these huggable little animals genuinely special. It was the message behind them.

Marketing Architects CEO Chuck Hengel wanted to create a toy for his kids that would not only pique their naturally playful spirits, but would also promote a meaningful message about positive self-image—what really matters in life is what’s inside (courage, love, confidence…etc.).

He knew Stuffies could be the vehicle that could spread that message to those who needed to hear it the most: children. This brings us to popular author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” concept.

Sinek explained a process that he coined “The Golden Circle,” or basically the way business owners and companies ultimately succeed:




Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

*Image from

He proposed that, unlike the majority of people and businesses, inspired leaders and organizations think, act and communicate from the inside out. They start first with the “Why” (company beliefs) then move to the “How” (unique product/service design) and finally the “What” (product itself).

Sinek said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  And that sentiment is something Marketing Architects believes to be true. We wanted to tell the whole Stuffies story—the reason we created them—so we gave each animal a name and distinctive personality, and included storybooks that highlighted the values we believe are the building blocks of positive self-image.

So why does it matter? The sooner you identify your company’s value system and what your product is really on a mission to do, the better chance you have to connect with a more highly qualified, engaged audience who will convert because they believe in your brand.

Now it’s time to ask yourself: What’s your product’s “Why”?

Or, if you’ve found your “Why” and now you need a powerful team to get the message out about your product, it’s time to call Marketing Architects. We’re ready and waiting to offer up nearly two decades of direct response marketing experience.

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Rob DeMars

By Rob DeMars

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