Everyone's Watching TV. Time to Fix the Advertising.

Three moves to keep TV working in a new era. TV viewership is skyrocketing with everyone at home. More eyes are glued to cable news and TVs are staying on, all day, even on weekdays. Consume...
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An optimist's guide to advertising during COVID-19

We've all seen the COVID-19 headlines. Most are scary. Some are hopeful.

What we know for certain is businesses and consumers across the globe are trying to find their footing in this new reality. 

So, we decided to compile information to provide marketers with some much-needed good news and best practices for advertising through this challenging time. 

We'll be adding more articles to this list daily, so please bookmark this page and check back in when you are looking for inspiration and proof of the power of advertising through a crisis. 

The Marketing Architects Team
The Marketing Architects Team
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