Online marketing not working? Try this.

It’s happening to you. And the longer you wait, the quicker you’ll lose ground.

Yes, we’re talking about your nosediving online marketing campaign—the exorbitant search traffic you’re continuously competing for and those display ads that just aren’t performing like they were in the beginning. You’ve exhausted all your tricks and now it’s time to face reality: you can’t keep pouring your dollars into a media channel that’s as soggy as a sponge.

We’re guessing you’ve already heard what we’re going to tell you, but now you should actually pay attention.


It’s time to tap into traditional media—TV.

We know you’re an online business with online customers. But you’re also being backed into a digital corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop sifting through consumers online and coming back with smaller and smaller target audiences?  And your display ads? They’re tired. With a 0.06 percent CTR on display ads across all ad formats, it’s obvious that consumers are also tired of them.

Here’s why traditional media is the solution to your worn out, under performing online marketing campaign:


Boost your online efforts.

Running ad campaigns on TV can increase your Google Quality Score and decrease your paid search costs. The more qualified customers you can prompt to go online and search for your product or business, the better your ranking will be. This in turn will help lower the CPC of your online ads.


Connect with (and measure) qualified customers.

Mass media CAN be accountable, specifically when you use direct response marketing tactics. Why? You can measure specific returns via offers, promo codes, etc.


Omni-channel marketing lifts every media channel.

Often people think marketing is siloed. Wrong. By using a handful of offline and online platforms, you can reach your audience over and over again through different avenues. It’s another way to get your online business in front of your target audience—the same audience you only ever try to reach via the web.


When it comes down to it, successful marketing is a lot like running: if you can leverage both online and offline channels, you’re going to be able to last the entire marathon. If you take the one-channel sprint approach, it’s going to be over before you know it.

Good news! With more than 20 years of performance marketing experience in TV, radio and digital, Marketing Architects has the knowledge and the moxie to transform you from a one-channel sprinter to a marathon marketer. Contact us today!