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How to Drive Web Traffic without Even Trying

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The internet is a marketing warzone. Advertisers fight tooth and nail in a bidding war over the same keywords. Users feel bombarded by banner ads, social media marketing and auto-play videos that hijack their browser. The digital shouting match has made consumers cover their eyes and ears, causing expensive carnage. Advertisers are on the hook to pay serious dollars for every click—even when prospects click away immediately.

On the other hand, countless offline advertisers have been living with their heads buried in the sand. By pretending the internet doesn’t exist and falling back on dated strategies, their margins are narrowing by the minute. The audience they’ve paid to persuade is ignoring their strict offline call to action, going to Google and getting snared by competitors.

Throwing yourself into the ring online with everyone else can be a massive money, energy and time sink. Bow out, and your competition will steal the web traffic that should be yours.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on right now, winning the battle online may be far easier than you think.

We did it for a new advertiser recently without even trying.

The advertiser had previously only done B2B. We launched a national radio campaign as their sole marketing efforts. It was their first time marketing directly to consumers, so it gave us clean data: we knew that all of the web traffic that followed was driven by our advertising.

We had a simple, traditional CTA: call now, toll-free. With cell phones at the ready, consumers still pick up the phone to call far more than you might think.

Even when the campaigns first launched, the call volume was strong and sustainable. Any traditional direct response advertiser would have banked on the immediate response and called it a success. However, when we looked at the web performance data, we were shocked.

Because, in our brave new internet-dominated world, a compelling ad doesn’t provoke a single action anymore. It causes a frenzy. A rising number of consumers will ignore your call to call, opting instead to go online. How they do that may surprise you.

Some will type the name of your product (or company) into their address bar perfectly, complete with a dot com. For others, spelling is more of an art than a science. Some will find you on their smart phone but wait and place an order on their PC a week later. People often search Google for a line or a phrase they remember from your ad. Others insist on scouring the internet for coupons or reviews of your product before they’ll even consider you. Some will even go to YouTube first to try to find videos of people using or talking about your product.

For every phone call the advertiser received, there was an average of 4.7 people finding them online – without spending a penny on online advertising. Prior to the campaign launch, their website had 20 visitors per day. That number skyrocketed to 400 visits per day the moment we flipped the switch.

We were trying to get people to call. It’s a decisive CTA that’s worked for years and it’s still very effective. Even by looking strictly at calls and orders, we knew our advertiser had a profitable campaign.

However, without even trying, we provoked a far larger group of people to take action. A group that was nearly 5 times as big. A massive audience that traditional DR advertisers would have completely ignored. A consumer base that insists on interacting with your brand on their own terms. After we factored in the surge of web traffic, we hopped on a call to tell the advertiser that they were sitting on a gold mine.

Their success didn’t come from fighting for scraps in the digital space. They didn’t dust off a marketing plan from 10 years ago and ignore the internet, either. We enabled them to actualize a strategy that navigates the intricacies of the web while harnessing the sheer power, credibility and scale of traditional media channels.

If you’re ready to flip the switch and watch your web traffic skyrocket, we should talk. Because if you’re not prepared to meet your customers online, your competitors will. One wrong move and all the web traffic you deserve will go to them. If you’re ready to embrace a new era of advertising where you get to profit from both the people you chase and the people chasing you, let us know.

Angela Voss

By Angela Voss

Chief Client Officer

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