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Leveraging Omni-Channel Marketing to Create a No.1 Selling Brand

There’s been a lot discussion lately about omni-channel DR marketing. Does it work? Is it worth it? At Marketing Architects, we know it does and it most definitely is worth the investment. And we have proof.

Marketing Architects took on the challenge of reinventing the walking cane. Our creative team developed and tested creative messages that enabled us to share the HurryCane story as rapidly and effectively as possible using our TV and radio networks.

After capturing attribution from every channel and measuring responses using our exclusive process, Hurrycane was able to scale in the media channels it was most successful in. And the rest is history. No, really. HurryCane became the most famous cane brand in history, and remains the No. 1 selling cane in America. And this is how we did it:

HurryCane Story


Katie Scheetz

By Katie Scheetz

Chief Business Development Officer

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