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How Online Schools are Winning with Offline Marketing

August 10, 2015
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It’s no secret that online colleges and universities are ensnared in a vicious digital advertising war that nobody really wants to be involved in. Some of the leading U.S. online education institutions have spent millions of dollars in PPC campaigns alone just to keep up on the virtual battlefield.

In this dog-eat-dog world of online advertising, it takes big bucks to be seen by prospective students.  With ultra-competitve search traffic costing advertisers more than $50 CPC and the continued dillusion of display advertising click-through rates (CTRs), there is little opportunity to break new ground for schools online. And the cycle will continue just as long as institutions keep driving up the demand and cost of digital ad space.

Luckily, marching off to battle in the Cloud isn’t the only option online colleges and universities have today. Why keep fighting with fistfuls of dollars to be seen online when there are so many other media channels that aren’t suffering from oversaturation?

At Marketing Architects, we help online education institutions grow their enrollment through the power of omni-channel marketing.

Traditional media channels (such as radio and TV) are still very relevant, efficient ways to generate leads that will convert to enrollment. What’s even better is that these channels are largely untapped.

By combining offline media strategies—TV and radio—with online efforts, we are able to help schools drive targeted and qualified leads. In fact, we have higher education clients that are experiencing a 200-300 percent lift in site visits and engagements from offline marketing channels.

Skeptical about how offline media can benefit your online school lead generation strategy? Here’s why it’s a good idea:

  • Consumers are Omni-channel
    The average American consumer now owns more than four digital devices.  Add these to the daily mix of television, radio, print publications, outdoor and we consume media in more forms that ever before.  Why would it make sense to focus all aquisition efforts to one medium?  In particular, the smartphone has changed media consumption habits.  According to Google, 66 percent of consumers turn to their smartphones to look up something they saw on television.  In a world where consumers have taken an omni-channel approach to media consumption, advertisers must as well.

  • Offline Channels Offer Opportunity to Scale
    As the traditional "go-tos" for education lead-generation become more and more competitive, opportunities to generate leads at an acceptable cost-per-lead (CPL) are getting harder; let alone to scale. By taking an omni-channel approach an introducing offline media channels, especially radio, can help find new customers and bolster the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

  • Offline Media Improves Online Results
    By taking advantage of offline media channels, you can potentially increase your site traffic and engagement by 50 percent or more! Education clients at Marketing Architects are seeing these online upticks because we’re driving consumers from our radio and TV channels to lead capture pages and to call centers through our multifaceted telecom systems. Where it matters most, schools are seeing 7x increase in digital channel marketing efforts.
If you want to learn how offline marketing can benefit your online college or university, we’d love to chat with you. Marketing Architects has nearly 20 years of direct response marketing experience. Our extensive online education and omni-channel marketing knowledge has helped our clients generate qualified leads from new channels and boost online performance. It can work for you, too!
Katie Scheetz

By Katie Scheetz

Chief Business Development Officer

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