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Hey Marketers, your data has a message for you.

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Dear Marketer,

Remember me—your data?

You know … customers, prospects, responses, leads, sales—all tucked away in your systems and the cloud? The building blocks that help you reach the right consumers and spend the marketing budget wisely?

You can’t see me, but let me tell you, it’s lonely these days in “Dataland.” And crowded. There are more of us than ever before. Over 2.5 quintillion new bytes of data every day, to be exact.

But just because we’ve added 90 percent of the world’s total data in the last two years, doesn’t mean we’re any more popular or respected.

Sure, you talk about how important I am, but I know you’re frustrated. Think I don’t notice the way you snarl when someone mentions my missing fields and poor hygiene? Or how you cringe when the CFO demands more campaign metrics? Or the way you snub my analytical insights in favor of your gut instinct?

Something’s got to change. 

I’m writing today on behalf of myself and the trillions of bits and bytes around the world just like me. Enough is enough! I’m begging you, dear broadcast marketer, give your old friend data one more chance. It can be better—I promise!

After all, I’m only here to help you. Isn’t that why you collect me in the first place?

Imagine the world we could create together: your inspiration and creativity, coupled with my hard work and exponential detail. Together, we could be unstoppable.

It’s not as hard as you think. Honest!

In fact, I only need you to do one thing: connect me with the right resources. A team of people who are attribution experts. Data gurus who speak my language. Tech-savvy professionals who won’t stop until my reports tie out and my story makes sense. Please, give your precious data the attention I deserve!

Together, we’ll translate all my knowledge into the vital measurements you crave—insights that you can understand and metrics you’ve only dreamed about. Together, you can smile at my quality, impress the CFO and most importantly, move forward with confidence. 


Your Data

P.S.  Some of the best data resources for broadcast marketers can be found in Minnesota, land of 11,842 lakes and home of Marketing Architects. Put me in their capable hands. I promise − you won’t be disappointed.

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Matt Hultgren

By Matt Hultgren

Vice President, Analytics

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