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Have you met Abbot℠,  the friendly Autonomous Buying Bot?

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We know that when direct response marketing (DRM) integrates with digital engagement it gives a lift to both efforts. Marketing Architects has been at the forefront of bringing DRM into the digital age – and the newest frontier is personalization and real-time interaction. Consider this from Salesforce’s recent “State of the Connected Consumer Report”

Sixty-four percent of consumers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real-time, while 80% of business buyers expect the same.

Meet Abbot.

Abbot is an Autonomous Buying Bot that delivers a personalized, interactive buying experience for your consumers. Used in concert with a DRM campaign, Abbot is engaged through a short code placed in your TV or radio spots, in-app purchasing funnel or online placement – any branded content at all. When consumers text the code, they are directed to the chat they need to complete the interaction: to purchase immediately if desired, or to a retail store or web site. With seamless integration and unique, delightful chat-to-conversion capabilities, Abbot removes all purchase barriers.

Abbot Speaks Your Customer’s Language 

This is no primitive chat bot. We’ll work with you to develop the right set of actions for your unique product, brand and campaign. You can customize every communication to speak in your voice, to your audience. While sales might be the ultimate conversion, Abbot can be programmed to offer up secondary engagements like collecting email addresses for further engagement, or capturing preferences and personal data for future marketing efforts. You control the creative – we’ll support it with years of DRM experience and success. We’ll help you to create a dialogue that elicits key insights, and conversions,

We Speak Your Language   

For years we’ve been providing award-winning creative as an added value. It gives you greater control in seamless campaign scheduling and integration, and it saves you time and money. We continue to add to our in-house capabilities to offer you more for your media buy. Combined with Annika®, our smart programmatic media buying platform, and our results-driven creative team, Abbot is the final link in a seamless customer engagement. Once the work is in market, we’ll analyze and report data to help you set and reach new goals.

Ready to talk to Abbot? Text ASAP to 543543.

You can also email us or call 800-700-7726.

Marketing Architects Editorial Team

By Marketing Architects Editorial Team

Marketing Architects Editorial Team | A collection of the biggest and brightest minds in the Direct Response Marketing Industry

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