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Video has long been a tool in the direct response marketing (DRM) toolkit. Whether it’s through television paid placement or YouTube how-to video, video has storytelling power that is unmatched.

Now with mobile and social media, you have even greater opportunity to use video as a conversion tool. Users now hold the power to watch, connect and purchase all in the palm of their hand, wherever they go.

Here are five ways to ensure the video you create draws customers in and closes the deal on your conversion goals.

1. Don’t Bury the Lede!

The old journalism adage is crucial in mobile video. Short attention spans have gotten shorter, and you need to lead with your most compelling content. That could mean your key differentiator or value proposition, but it could also be content that immediately engages the viewer – à la this now-legendary Poo Pourri video. When an ad opens with a refined, smartly dressed woman speaking atop a toilet in a bathroom stall, viewers take notice – 39,000,000 or so to date.

2. Bake in Strategy

People tend to think of viral videos when they imagine a mobile video success. But a good digital strategy isn’t always about how many millions of views you get. Think about how your video will fit into your digital strategy and go from there. Do your keyword research before your brainstorming session. Identify key questions and answer them in your video. Plan for customization based on your digital campaign strategy: if you’re using geolocation, create a version of your video for each region of the country. However you choose to apply creative, you’ll get more mileage out of a smart strategy than trying to gamble on the fickle whims of the internet.

3. Visual First, Audio Optional

Just a reminder that many people view mobile with the sound turned off. This doesn’t mean you should scrap your audio track – but it does mean you should include visual cues that carry the story if the sound is muted. 

4. Custom Call-to-Action

You can customize the call-to-action based on the user’s viewing behavior. If a consumer watches your entire video, that indicates a greater level of interest. You can serve up more great content or a bottom-of-the-funnel call-to-action. If a prospect dips out after twenty second, try remarketing to them instead. See if you can draw them back in with a related video. Track their actions for insights to improve your strategy going forward.

5. Speaking of CTAs…

Investing the time and energy required to produce good video and then forgetting to include a highly specific, trackable and measurable call-to-action is time and money wasted. If possible, include a link to purchase, enroll or schedule an appointment—whatever the final goal is. If you’ve got their attention, and the tools to make a purchase or other conversion, make the most of it, NOW.

Marketing Architects has been leading innovation in TV, radio and direct response marketing (DRM) for over twenty years. We have the experience, and the tools, to help you segue a video campaign into a DRM conversion machine. Drop us a line or call 800-700-7726.
Marketing Architects Editorial Team

By Marketing Architects Editorial Team

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