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3 Ways to Create a "Ripple Effect" from Direct Response Conversion

July 17, 2015
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Why Backend Wins Translate to Multi-Channel Breakthroughs

One of the most exciting moments in direct response marketing is when a breakthrough triggers a multi-channel “ripple effect” that creates waves of profit for an advertiser.

It is crucial to understand the product benefits, the profile of the target consumer and the drivers that motivate them to purchase. Ideally, all of this knowledge is harnessed to create a sales experience that drives results for advertisers without compromising a positive consumer experience.

But if the campaign lacks a flexible, iterative testing platform, the chances of triggering and reaping the benefits of the “ripple-effect” are few and far between.

With Vocé, Marketing Architects’ fully automated and persuasive inbound call sales platform, you can rapidly test, capture and analyze thousands of variables in scripting and call flows. This will allow you to quickly glean insights and dramatically improve back-end performance.

We’ve also built e-commerce platforms integrating both website and email testing that are as effective and dynamic as Vocé, if you have the right team and technology in place to set up and manage a rapid testing environment.

By sharing these wins with other inKNOWvation Centers within Marketing Architects, we have been able to amplify the impact of the “ripple effect” and extend the life-cycle and profitability of campaigns for our advertisers.

So how can you cause a ripple effect? Here are a few areas of opportunity that every advertiser should consider:

  • Bonus Gifts
    Bonus gifts can often tip the scales for a consumer and turn a questionable purchase into an irresistible offer.

    Marketing Architects tested a series of bonus gifts in our Vocé scripts and identified unique and complimentary gifts that significantly improved conversion rates. Rolling the winning Vocé bonus gifts out to radio and TV advertisements by calling them out in spots allowed us to minimize the additional testing investment and quickly improve response rates by 20-30 percent.

  • Online Sales
    Applying Vocé insights and breakthroughs to web campaigns has also been a rewarding move, since Vocé has the same consistent, logic-based sales funnel. A good flow is compelling, easy to understand and will get the customer to the information they seek.

    We have also now proven we can identify wins in an e-commerce platform and flow these back to inbound calls through Voce’ and achieve similar wins. We’ve learned through testing simultaneously on Voce’ and the web that not all offers are created equal, however. The best offer to present first on the website may not be the best offer to present first in Voce’ for a particular campaign.

    By experimenting with numerous offer structures and sales flows and monitoring thousands of real caller experiences and online website sessions, Marketing Architects has been able to adjust the interactions and increase conversion while reducing error and drop-off rates.

    Our advertising partners have seen improvements in their online and inbound call conversions by 35-50 percent by replicating these strategies in headline copy, main page flow development and shopping cart functionality.

  • Product Pairings
    Our learning from bonus gifts inspired Marketing Architects to test into combination products, giving customers the satisfaction of a more complete purchase experience. For example, offers that combine products that deliver short-term and long-term benefits.

    These product combinations not only improved conversion rates by meeting the holistic needs of more consumers, they also increase the value and price point of the offer to help support profitability goals.

The “ripple effect” has triggered a higher level of collaboration to improve our advertisers’ direct response campaigns. It encourages us to avoid learning in a vacuum to help improve performance, learn more quickly and watch great ideas become breakthroughs. As a result, Vocé has become more than a scalable sales solution. But the world is changing, and so we have moved beyond Voce’ and are now also conducting many of these same rapid testing experiences on e-commerce platforms.

Chuck Hengel

By Chuck Hengel

Founder & CEO

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