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2015 DR Print Marketing: A Year in Review

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Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of Print’s Decline

It’s not really news that print has become less and less popular as a marketing medium. In fact, print is the only advertising channel to see a year-on-year decline in revenue (down 7.4 percent), according to Strategy Analytics Forecast, 2015. But this very fact is exactly why print has made a positive difference in marketing campaigns this year and can in your 2016 campaign, as we explained in our blog post Why Digital Needs Print.

As more and more digital content is created, the more the demand and cost of digital ad space will go up. It’s true marketing cannibalism—especially according to the 2015 Moz industry survey that states that content creation is the second most requested service from online marketers. Consequently, the retreat from print to digital is not only freeing up ad space and driving competitive rates, it’s also giving marketers more opportunities to combine digital and print in campaigns.

Instead of wading around in the online bloodbath, take advantage of print and boost online conversion, rapidly test your creative and tap into some new (loyal) audiences. Why? Because…

Print Will Make Your Current Digital Content Marketing Campaign Better

But print is basically dead in 2015, right? Wrong. The more digital marketing content that’s created, the more there is a need to understand that the fundamental elements that made print advertising successful also apply to online ads.

In How a Winning Print Ad Can Transform Your Website, we explored the three main offline content principles that will transform your online content: brevity of message, quality of content and its attention-grabbing powers.

While borrowing print principles to create digital content is a great idea, there’s a better way you can make your digital campaign even more successful: incorporate print into your overall marketing strategy. As soon as you get onboard with omni-channel marketing, the quicker you’ll see that reaching mass audiences on all different platforms work. This is especially true with print. Why?

Customer Trust is Print’s Secret Success

Did you know that the channel that consumers trust above all else is also the oldest? In 5 Secrets to Instantly Win a Customer’s Trust we discuss how loyal newspaper, magazine and other print customers are becoming increasingly untapped markets with the rise of digital content marketing.

A recent Scarborough Research survey showed that consumers trust the advertising they see in newspapers more than any other medium. The adults surveyed were almost three times more likely to trust an ad they saw in the paper than an ad they saw on TV! And the general demographics of newspaper readers (more educated or more income) also remains consistent.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

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