7 Podcasts Every CMO Should Listen To

Marketing changes rapidly. And the mountains of content explaining these changes? Well, they can quickly become overwhelming.  

It’s impossible to consume every piece of new marketing information. Which is why it’s so important to choose the right content. Of course, that’s not always easy. 

We’ve identified just seven of our favorite podcasts to get you started. With topics ranging from high-level marketing strategy, to examples and case studies, to deeply tactical advice, we hope this list provides truly valuable content. 

1. The Marketing Book Podcast with Douglas Burdett

The Marketing Book Podcast

This weekly podcast makes keeping up with the fast-paced marketing world a little easier. Former Madison Avenue ad man Douglas Burdett interviews authors of top marketing and sales books. Although each episode covers the main points of its book, you may find yourself convinced to start reading by the end of the show. 

Favorite episode: Burdett’s interview with Robert Cialdini about the new, expanded version of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion offers fresh insights on a sales classic. 


2. Behind the Numbers from eMarketer

Behind the Numbers

This daily podcast’s brief, 20-minute episodes are the perfect start to your morning. Each episode covers a new topic in the latest advertising, ecommerce, and technology news. Plus, discussions with eMarketer analysts focus on real data so you can feel confident in the conclusions drawn. 

Favorite episode: The Ever-Changing CMO” discusses the responsibilities facing CMOs today in a way that is both relatable and insightful. 


3. Marketing Today with Alan Hart

Marketing Today

Marketing Today is all about learning from the experts in real time—even as they experiment with new strategies and ideas themselves. The interviews with executive-level marketers at well-known brands are strategic without overlooking listener application. Plus, host Alan Hart is a certified marketing guru himself. 

Favorite episode: Hart’s conversation with monday.com’s Molly Sonenberg beautifully communicates the importance of defining your brand voice. 


4. Lochhead on Marketing with Christopher Lochhead

Lochhead on Marketing

The self-proclaimed “oddcast” for marketers who think differently. The show highlights category design, legendary marketing moves, and much more. Some episodes feature Lochhead reporting on insights the team at Category Pirates has uncovered. Others include interviews with authors and thought leaders. 

Favorite episode: "Category Design Scorecard is possibly the simplest description of the power of category creation you’ll find online. 


5. B2B Growth from Sweet Fish
B2B Growth

Designed for B2B marketers, this podcast applies marketing thought leadership directly to B2B companies. (But the discussions are arguably valuable for any marketer). Episodes are tactics-focused and include real-world learnings from current B2B leaders. 

Favorite episode: Rethink Your Top of Funnel Marketing with our own Chief Client Officer, Angela Voss. (Of course we had to choose this one!) The discussion emphasizes the importance of brand-building and fame. 


6. CMO Moves from Adweek

CMO Moves

Listen in on conversations with some of the world’s top marketing executives. The companies they represent range from disruptive ecommerce sites to global legacy brands. What sets this podcast apart is how it goes beyond marketing tactics into personal success stories and strategies. 

Favorite episode: In “Problem-Solving Over Perfection,” Poshmark CMO Steven Tristan Young explores what it means to be a marketer today. Plus, he shares his own journey to finding a role (and a company) he was passionate about. 


7. The Marketing Architects Podcast


Yes, this is our podcast. But here’s why we believe it deserves its spot in this roster...  

There are so many marketing trends. Countless sources of advice on the “right” way to do marketing. But how do you know what actually works? By basing your strategy on proven principles and practices. Hosts Angela Voss, Rob DeMars, and Elena Hengel break down research-backed strategies to uncover what really drives revenue. 

Favorite episode: This is an impossible choice, but "What Prevents Your Team From Achieving Marketing Effectiveness?" covers exactly what the show's all about. It's the perfect intro to a pretty meaty topic.