The Battle for Effectiveness with Mark Ritson

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This week, we’re diving into conversation with renowned marketing professor and consultant, Dr. Mark Ritson. Together, we explore the fundamentals of marketing effectiveness, why it matters, and how to achieve it. 



In the US, only 27.5% of marketers have received any kind of formal training    

Despite America’s marketing reputation, they are lagging in marketing education when compared to countries like New Zealand (31.0%), Australia (32.4%), Canada (35.1%), and Ireland (39.0%).        


What is Marketing Effectiveness? 

Mark Ritson explores marketing effectiveness through four key elements: 

  1. Advertising Effectiveness vs. Marketing Effectiveness: Ritson distinguishes between advertising effectiveness, which focuses on communications and the balance of long-term brand building and short-term sales, and marketing effectiveness, which includes strategic development and market orientation.
  2. Strategic Planning: Effective marketing begins with a clear, well-briefed strategy. This requires defining both long- and short-term goals to ensure cohesive and successful campaigns.
  3. Integration: Drawing from Don Schultz's teachings, Ritson stresses the need for integrated marketing communications. This approach ensures all marketing efforts work together to achieve a consistent brand identity and message.
  4. Learning and Adaptation: Continuous learning and adaptation are crucial. Feedback from campaigns should be used to refine strategies and improve future marketing efforts.   
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"Effectiveness ignorance has left American marketing lagging behind the rest of the world”  

In this article, Mark Ritson addresses why American marketing lags in effectiveness and offers a call to action for improvement. Read the article.



Welcome to advertising’s golden age.               

“We are in a golden age of advertising effectiveness; we’ve never known more about it than we know right now. 

— Mark Ritson