The hottest marketing channel of 2024

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This week, we're diving into the world of CTV and exploring why it’s poised to be the hottest marketing channel of 2024. We’ve brought on Marika Zapiler, our Director of Advanced TV, to shed light on this exciting but complex topic. 



CTV ad spend is expected to reach over $28 billion in 2024.  

The rapid growth of CTV is only expected to continue as more consumers switch from traditional TV to streaming services.      


Overcome CTV challenges with clear strategy.     

TV has evolved more in the last decade than in the previous thirty years combined.  

While technology like streaming and CTV provide new opportunities for advertisers, they also introduce new challenges. Things like inconsistent measurement, expensive targeting, and high CPMs. 

Limited inventory paired with high demand drives up prices, making performance a problem for marketers testing CTV. The solution isn't straightforward. It involves balancing high prices against potential ROI and setting up media buying and targeting strategies to reduce costs. A few methods that can help: 

  1. Work with a DSP to manage attribution and frequency capping. 
  2. Test targeting methods beyond third-party. 
  3. Stay flexible as the industry continues to evolve. 

Even so, CTV represents the future of TV. Advertisers need to invest resources now to understand and make the most of this channel. The key is approaching CTV with realistic expectations and a strategic plan. 

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Innovation is a must.             

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” 

—Beth Comstock, former vice chair at General Electric