Volume 25 No. 2: Our position on politics... in advertising!

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This week, we're exploring political advertising— where the stakes are high and the budgets are even higher. Read how marketers can navigate increased media spending and learn from the hard-hitting tactics of political campaigns below. 



Political ad spend will surpass $12 billion in the U.S. this year.      

Despite the growth of channels like CTV, traditional TV still dominates political ad spend, making up 57.3% of the total political ad spending.         


Staying competitive in the political landscape.   

As political ad spending hits record levels, navigating the tumultuous media landscape requires strategic agility and foresight. Here’s how marketers can adapt and thrive: 

  1. Anticipate Increased Costs: The competition for ad space will inevitably drive up prices. Budgeting for these fluctuations ensures you can maintain visibility without compromising on campaign goals.
  2. Optimize Media Buying: Shift your media buying strategy from local to national channels where possible. Local markets will likely be oversaturated with political ads, making national outlets a less congested and potentially more effective alternative.
  3. Maintain Flexibility: Continuously monitor how political campaigns affect ad space availability and viewer attention. Be ready to adapt your media strategy in real-time to respond to these changes effectively.
  4. Explore Untapped Channels: Certain platforms become crowded, look towards alternative media channels, like social media and print, that may offer untapped potential during high political activity periods. 

Staying ahead in a politically charged ad landscape means being prepared to pivot and innovate. As political campaigns dominate traditional and digital media, finding creative solutions to reach audiences will be essential. 

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"Deep Data and Big Money are Driving a New Era in Political Advertising.”                    

This article by Edward Lempinen for Berkeley News examines how advanced data analytics and real-time creative testing are transforming political campaign strategies, providing valuable insights for any advertiser. Read the article.



The art of persuasion.        

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.” 

—William Bernbach