Volume 25 No. 1: Mastering brand marketing measurement

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This week, we’re digging into top-of-funnel marketing measurement with insights from Jordan Rossler, our Director of Analytics. If you've been struggling to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, especially on TV, this issue will provide some best practices and practical takeaways! 



63% of marketers doubt their ability to measure TV advertising.     

TV advertising generates the largest sales impact of any video marketing channel. But while it continues to be a powerful driver for business outcomes, but most marketers admit it’s tough to measure.         


Rethinking TV Measurement.  

Measuring TV advertising can be daunting, yet the channel’s potential to drive brand and sales results remains unmatched. This week, we review the "Micro, Macro, Business" framework, offering a holistic approach to understanding TV's impact. Here’s why it matters: 

  1. Beyond Immediate Metrics: The framework emphasizes the importance of capturing both immediate response to TV ads and longer-term effects on brand health and consumer behavior.
  2. Holistic Integration: Instead of viewing TV performance in isolation, integrate TV advertising within the overall marketing strategy, recognizing the interconnected influences of various channels.
  3. Optimized Spend: By adopting a comprehensive view, marketers can more accurately assess TV's role in their campaigns, ensuring that each dollar spent is optimized for maximum return.

This approach not only refines how we evaluate TV advertising but also underscores the channel’s enduring value as a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. 

Listen in on our discussion.

"Everything Wrong with TV Measurement”                   

For an in-depth exploration, check out our report "Everything Wrong with TV Measurement.” This guide offers a comprehensive playbook for tackling common TV measurement challenges faced by marketers today. Read the report.



Measuring the immeasurable.       

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."  

– Galileo Galilei