Volume 22 No. 4: Breaking the digital doom loop

Today, we’re unpacking the dangers of a digital-only marketing strategy. Of course, we know moving beyond digital isn’t easy. So we’re also exploring innovative ways marketers can achieve accountability and efficiency with offline channels. 



72% of marketers say it’s easy to measure the effectiveness of a digital campaign.                 

That’s compared to just 38% who say the same of offline campaigns. Is this gap in measurability driving marketers away from traditional channels, even if they’re more effective than online ones? 


Offline doesn’t have to be scary.          

The discussion around digital vs. offline media isn't about choosing one over the other. Both bring unique value to the table.  

The problem is marketers’ tendency to go all-in on digital while abandoning traditional channels. Using digital marketing alone sets limits on the effectiveness and fame your brand can achieve.  

Still, a focus on online media is understandable. Digital’s perceived as more measurable. And it’s more accessible for brands that with lower spend allocated to marketing. I mean, can you even test offline media without destroying your budget for the year? 

We asked Jordan Mauer, SVP Strategic Partnerships, and former marketer at brands like US Bank, Visa, and Shutterfly, how he thinks about testing offline. He broke it down into three steps: 

  1. Audit existing digital campaigns. Reallocate budgets from underperforming initiatives and embracing a strategic mix that aligns with long-term growth objectives. 
  2. Pursue bold creative swings. Don’t settle for dull creative. You’re going big on this test so make the most of it.
  3. Prepare for change. Make sure you’re operationally ready to handle the increased demand generated by offline marketing efforts.  

A balanced media mix provides more opportunities for touchpoints with customers and reinforces brand messaging across multiple platforms, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. One that’s more impactful than digital alone can achieve. 

Listen in on our discussion.

"Why online media are overrated as a brand building channel”          

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The limits of online advertising.   

“There are good reasons to believe that online advertising inventory is steadily decreasing in value over time. Two forces drive this erosion of value: structural shifts in what people pay attention to, and a massive global economy of fraud in the programmatic advertising marketplace.”

—Tim Hwang, Subprime Attention Crisis: Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet