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TV advertising for B2B brands faces its share of naysayers. Thought to be overly expensive, broad, and impractical for a brand appealing primarily to business leaders and decision-makers, TV...
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Nuts.com Responds to Demand for Delivery with National TV Advertising

Pantry brand develops and launches TV campaign in one week by partnering with Marketing Architects.

With grocery stores feeling stressful, and some delivery services stalling, Nuts.com is going to broadcast TV to assure customers that most of their orders are still shipping same day. Their new TV campaign, “Go Nuts” launched this week.

Nuts.com partnered with Marketing Architects, whose Rapid Response TV offering took them from concept to broadcast in under one week -- an offering that also covered all creative expenses and upfront costs for the campaign.

“We’re doing everything we can to reduce stress for our customers by keeping their pantries full,” said Jeff Braverman, CEO of Nuts.com. “Through TV we hope to help more families get the pantry items they need to feed their families without having to wait for delayed delivery or go to the store.” 

The family-owned, 91-year-old company has also committed to match customer donations, up to $100,000, to Feeding America.

“We like to partner with brands with bold goals and noble missions, and Nuts.com overdelivers on both,” said Rob DeMars, Chief Creative Officer at Marketing Architects. “Their passion helped us launch our fastest Rapid Response TV campaign to date.”


Check out the spot!

Nuts Grocery Store Stress FINAL CUT (1)


Rob DeMars
Rob DeMars
Chief Creative Officer

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