Meet the Minneapolis shop behind the HurryCane

Drive Medical, a New York medical equipment manufacturer, is the new owner of HurryCane, the No. 1 selling cane in America. The sale (made official on Aug. 25) includes a partnership with the original owners of the cane, Marketing Architects. Our team will continue to market HurryCane and help Drive with other potential medical product marketing efforts. 

The Sept. 8 Advertising Age article features the story behind how HurryCane was conceptualized:

“The genesis of the HurryCane came after a bunch of ideas and contemplations that struck simultaneously. Mr. Hengel's mother-in-law, for instance, wanted to know why products for seniors were drab and gray, while another friend wondered why there weren't more products to help her parents who were aging at home. Around the same time, he read an article that cited falls as the top public health problem for seniors, then also noted the dearth of innovation in the cane category, and suddenly Marketing Architects began collaborating with its product-development sibling ZOOMWORKS on the project.”

Go to the Ad Age article to read more about Marketing Architects and the HurryCane sale.