Meet Annika: AI TV media buying

An AI-driven programmatic approach nets TV advertisers far greater reach—and more profitable opportunities.

Media placement sets the foundation for an effective broadcast campaign. As in real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location.” Is your spot running on the right networks and shows to optimize both your budget and your results?

This used to be a fairly simple proposition, handled by a few agency staffers who were skilled at negotiation. But with the proliferation of television and radio outlets—not to mention the evolution in our viewing habits—it’s time for advertisers to adopt a new approach. Enter the world of programmatic TV media buying.

Programmatic buying is here

A programmatic approach applies artificial intelligence (AI) to media selection. A typical AI platform can accomplish what an entire office, working around the clock, couldn’t do—and make it look easy. Best of all, the more data the platform analyzes, the smarter it becomes, resulting in even stronger selections as your broadcast campaign progresses.

This added data power enables advertisers to evaluate the full slate of viewing choices rather than limiting placement to a handful of major networks. Thirty-five years ago, you could reach nearly 100% of television viewers by buying time on the top three networks. Today, audiences are highly fragmented, having access to hundreds of viewing options across linear and streaming TV platforms.

Despite this knowledge, some agencies and advertisers remain focused on just a small sliver of the available TV inventory airing on only the top few linear networks or ignoring linear in favor of Connected TV campaigns alone.

That means many advertisers are jockeying to run spots on the same limited (and expensive) audience real estate. Without AI, the effort required to buy and plan thousands of lesser-known intersections makes it too resource intensive for most agencies; top networks, by default, become the “easy” button.

Meet Annika®

At Marketing Architects, we’ve employed a programmatic approach since 2007. It’s so successful, we’ve given our AI-powered planner a name: Annika.

Annika thrives on data and complex problems. With speed and precision, she can plan, purchase and optimize more than 5,000 media properties using billions of data points across first-, second- and third-party data sources. This allows advertisers to go beyond obvious targets and leverage the entire ocean of broadcast opportunities.

Using this method, every dollar spent reaches four times more viewers than the average.

When done right, television goes beyond reaching your audience at a few planned intersections. Instead, your ad reaches more viewers, in more places, more frequently, leading to greater conversion rates. That’s mass marketing, done smarter, where you can achieve the explosive growth you need on a smaller budget.


Experience Annika in action.

If you’re ready to supercharge your next media buy, let us show you the difference that programmatic media buying can make for your broadcast campaigns. Contact us to discuss the best ways to reach your target audience.