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Media fascinated with ad agency-turned-product developer

It’s not often you find a performance marketing ad agency that knows how to market a product AND conceptualize and develop a product right from the start. And that’s pretty obvious considering the major national and local media buzz Marketing Architects has been getting since the sale of HurryCane—the No. 1 selling cane in America. 

The Aug. 25 sale of the category-shattering “Cane That Stands Alone” marked the purchase of the first product that the Minneapolis-based direct response agency has been fully involved in during its entire concept-to-sale lifecycle.

Global media guru Advertising Age featured Marketing Architect on its front page in a Sept. 8 article, Meet the Minneapolis Shop That Created the HurryCane. The article focused on the fact that Marketing Architects “invented, marketed, sold and distributed the cane, building it into a $50 million business before recently selling it to Drive Medical and retaining advertising duties via a long-term contract.”

Now Marketing Architects is being recognized as an entrepreneurial pioneer in the marketing world.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune featured an article about the agency and its HurryCane deal, reporting that it “demonstrates Marketing Architects’ ability to turn a creative concept into a brand ­success and eventual sale.”

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal also spotlighted Marketing Architects in an article highlighting an interview with the agency’s CEO, Chuck Hengel. He said the HurryCane acquisition was “affirmation of his agency’s current strategy: Create a consumer good, roll it out and exit once the brand is off the ground.”

Rob DeMars
Rob DeMars
Chief Creative Officer

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