Marketing Architects Steps Forward in Automated Media Buying

All-Inclusive TV advertising leader improves media buying efficiencies through an automated solution. 


MINNEAPOLIS, MN—June 15th, 2021—All-Inclusive TV agency Marketing Architects has announced new advancements to Annika®, its media-buying platform. These updates focus on evolving its proprietary artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and adaptability of media buys

Traditionally, TV advertisers rely on media buyers to identify and maximize opportunities. However, manual work presents limitations and opportunity for error. The sheer number of potential media options is overwhelming for a media buyer today. Plus, the growth and increasing fragmentation of the media marketplace has only exacerbated the issue. Today, this also includes streaming and CTV alternatives. 

Annika has supported buys for Marketing Architects clients for more than 3 years. Relying on billions of data points from first-, second-, and third-party sources, Annika presents winning recommendations to the agency's investment team. 

Now, these media buys are better informed than ever. Annika’s latest release includes predictive rate and performance intelligence plus advanced forecasting technology. These enhancements improve buy and campaign performance by as much as 30%.  

Improved operational efficiencies have also reduced buying time from days to hours. In 2020, Annika saved the media team more than 1,000 hours in manual labor, a number expected to grow dramatically in 2021. But more importantly, the speed of decision-making allows advertisers to capitalize on opportunities as quickly as they arise.  

“Annika’s advancements help our advertisers achieve premium media at lower rates,” says Catherine Walstad, VP of Media. “But the ability to quickly optimize performance in a world where digital has set a new standard for campaign adaptability is really what puts Annika ahead of the curve.” 

And because Annika evaluates the full scope of the media landscape, she can build stronger performance forecasts, setting advertisers up for continued success. 


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Marketing Architects is an All-Inclusive TV agency that gives performance brands access to high-quality, effective TV campaigns without the traditional high entry cost and ongoing challenges of optimization, scale and measurement. Founded in Minneapolis, Marketing Architects has been helping companies connect with their customers in new and surprising ways for more than 20 years. For more information, please visit


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