Meet Annika

The first opportunistic rate
marketplace in Streaming

Annika, our proprietary media buying platform, now includes the first opportunistic rate marketplace in Streaming TV. With Annika’s streaming capabilities, you can:

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Avoid middlemen, fees
and waste

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Verify results with multiple
measurement models

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Access specialized
targeting technology

Streaming is the future of TV.

Streaming TV represents 36% of total time spent watching TV, and that number's only growing. Advertisers are leaning into the shift, excited to bring digital-like targeting and attribution to TV.

So why is performance falling short?

Plagued by tech fees, high CPMs, and targeting inaccuracies, performance marketers experience a cost conundrum when testing CTV and Streaming.

Annika's built
to buy better

We built Annika® Streaming to turn
Streaming TV's
potential into reality.

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Annika Streaming

Traditional Streaming

Removes middlemen, fees and waste for more efficient pricing than industry-leading DSPs

Unnecessary features equal more fees

Uses specialized tech to identify your most valuable audiences

Expensive, inaccurate hyper-targeting

Tracks response from impression to conversion and confirms results through multiple measurement models

Uncertain results that don't connect to business impacts