Radio - turn up the volume on your campaign
Radio - turn up the volume on your campaign


Turn Up the Volume on Your Campaign

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Television - tune into picture-perfect results
Television - tune into picture-perfect results


Tune Into Picture-Perfect Results

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Last year we invested $8,425,753 
in our clients to ensure rapid success.

That's what we call ROI, ASAP.

Here’s How We Make Rapid Growth Happen

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The Brains of this Operation

When the goal is rapid growth, the first stop is strategy. That’s why we deep dive into each partner’s business, becoming experts in their product, audience and competition. Then we tailor a strategy that seamlessly leverages our cutting-edge capabilities.

Once we have a plan designed to ignite response and drive sales, we unleash the synchronized hounds (if the hounds were named Creative, Media, Conversion and Analytics) and then the real fun begins.

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Where Playground Meets Battleground

In the fight to win the consumer’s heart, the message is the ultimate weapon. The ideas must ignite emotions and connect with the mind. They have to be unrelenting, unapologetic attention grabbers. In short, it’s where the playground meets the battleground.

That’s why every concept, whether radio or TV, builds on 18 years of aggressive real-world testing. We never rely on focus groups or surveys to tell us how the world might react. Instead, we find out how the world will react. And then we get it to react to your product using our meticulously crafted national radio and TV advertising network.

We watch as your custom radio and TV ads ignite curiosity and spur American commuters and multi-screen users to connect with your business ASAP. We then carefully analyze how it happened, share the results and do it again.

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300,000,000 People Await You

So how do you get your product in front of the eyes and ears of your most profitable customers in radio and TV? The harsh reality is that even today’s remnant rates won’t make the P&Ls work for most entrepreneurs.

That’s why we spent the last decade building unique relationships with the country’s leading radio and TV networks to galvanize a proprietary “sub-remnant” rate class. The result? An unparalleled media platform that allows you to test small, test quickly, then scale huge.

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Analyze. Optimize. Maximize.

Remember the brainiacs in high school who didn’t know how to date, but did know how to build a super computer out of a car battery and microwave? Well, they grew up and we hired them.

Our Analytics team formulates highly insightful media strategies with a laser focus on your profitability. To boost their brainpower’s horsepower even more, we created the most comprehensive database of media intersections in the industry. Called Analyze to Maximize™, it gives our Analytics team an unfair advantage in building media plans that outperform industry standards time and time again.

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Your Best Agent, Cloned.

Imagine a call center that swallows call spikes without breaking a sweat. One that can test new ideas on the fly, replicate your best agent, yet doesn't add a single dime in expense. We imagined it too. Then we called it Voce.

This exclusive call-handling solution rapidly deploys highly persuasive IVR technology that rivals the conversion rates of the best live agents. Upsells, cross sells, credit card capture…it can do almost anything a real person can do. With the exception of being late to work or asking for a raise, or…well…you get the idea.

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Do you Speak Online-ese?

SEO. SEM. RSS. CTR. ROR. These little abbreviations are big players to any robust DR campaign. Ever wonder how your newest radio commercial is impacting your web traffic? Or how to make your website rise to the top of your customer’s online search? Not only will we help you understand the new disciplines of things like search, multi-channel attribution and quality scores, we’ll leverage them to create rapid profitability online.

Thinking of just sticking to traditional broadcast to run your DR campaign? LOL.

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Rapid Growth

Win. Grow. Repeat.

What does all this seamless integration mean for you? Faster testing and learning for your campaigns. Smaller investments to find bigger wins. Going from zero to profitability at the speed of light. In short, rapid growth at a rapid pace.

Big ideas,
not big budgets.


When done right, ideas brought to life through the power of broadcast impact every aspect of your business. From SEO to social media, brick and mortar retail to Amazon, it all plays a meaningful impact to your bottom dollar.

A big idea will infinitely outcompete the largest budget. We've become famous for harvesting contagious advertising, media and conversion strategies that inspire unheard-of growth with modest spend.

Insert Big Idea

See What Our Clients Say

"In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it became clear to us that innovative approaches for driving messages to patients were required. Marketing Architects helped us evolve a strategy for direct-to-patient promotions that has provided a clear path to growth through both direct response sales and by lifting sales through our traditional reseller channels. Ours is not a product normally suited to direct response, but Marketing Architects took on the challenge and delivered."

"Marketing Architects enabled us to grow our campaigns from a single channel into multiple new channels with a minimum of upfront expenditures. We would not have been able to expand into TV and radio campaigns as quickly in a traditional agency relationship. I could not more highly recommend Marketing Architects for high-growth DR brands/products."

Atlantic Coast Media Group

"For the past 9 years, Marketing Architects has worked with Atlantic Coast Media Group to build a successful radio and TV business across all of our brands. We have found the secret to our consistent success in DRTV is Marketing Architects’ systemic approach to campaign management combined with their fully integrated solution. Marketing Architects has been able to optimize creative, analytics and the customer experience to develop consistent winning creative while minimizing investment dollars. Most important, in all of the years working with Marketing Architects, they have proven to be true partners."

Physicians Mutual

"Marketing Architects brings great structure and expertise to the overall process of broadcast production and analytics. Their decision to proactively provide services that increase performance, such as creative development and telecom solutions, sets them apart."


The Marketing Architects Team


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